Thursday, June 13, 2013

TheEmbroideryRoom Etsy Shop Review

In the early stages of applying to adopt Carolyn, I asked a lot of questions about her personality.  One of those questions was if she liked toys.  Her former foster mom told me she didn't. I found that hard to believe. I told myself maybe she didn't like the toys she was given and was bored? Was she provided with hard plastic toys, when she possibly preferred squeaky, furry ones? When I was buying her her doggy necessities I still picked up a few toys, just in case she liked them.

TheEmbroideryRoom is an Etsy shop ran by shop owner Teresa.  The shop sells custom handmade gifts and accessories for the pampered pooch in your life.  If you're looking to spoil your dog, Teresa is here to assist. She sells dog toys with your furry baby's name embroidered on them, custom bandannas, pet blankets and more.  Show your dog that you love them by treating them with a present today!

I mentioned on my Facebook fan page a couple days ago that Carolyn finally started playing with toys.  She didn't like them at first and I was beginning to think that her former foster mom was right.  Luckily my money didn't go to waste and she loves each and every toy equally now.  She happily squeaks and jumps around playing with her babies. Her newest thing is that she takes her toys out of her bone shaped toy box herself.

Since I'm a fan of leopard, I wanted to pass that love on to my furry child. I stumbled across Teresa's shop and once I found out that she custom embroiders a leopard dog bone, I knew I had to have it.  She graciously agreed and pretty soon Carolyn's leopard bone was here!

Look at my baby's newest toy! 

As soon as I saw the return address on the package, I knew what the contents were.  I told Carolyn what was inside, and how it was for her.  Her tail wagged a mile a minute as she nosed and pawed the package.  I opened the package and she went nuts.  I squeaked the toy so she would know it squeaked and then she ran off with it! She's a very spoiled girl this week as I bought her two new toys on Tuesday!

Squeak, Squeak!

The bone is very soft and furry, which is just what Carolyn prefers.  The pink stitching is adorable and seems stitched with care and dedication.  The squeaker is in the middle of the toy and is loud and gets your dogs attention.  The bone is small and petite, which is the perfect size for her since she is a small dog.  The leopard pattern is adorable.  Carolyn's still squeaking this as I write it, she absolutely loves it!

Watch me in action!

I highly recommend purchasing something for your furbaby from Teresa's shop, they will love you for it!

*DISCLOSURE* Carolyn received a complimentary toy in exchange for this review.  Her paws stayed firmly off the keyboard as her mommy typed the review.  She says thank you and all thoughts/opinions are strictly hers and not based on anything else. 

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  1. Thank you so much for your awesome review of my toys. I'm even more pleased that Carolyn enjoys it so much.