Thursday, February 7, 2013

Origami Owl Living Lockets Review

Along with buying clothes, I love to purchase new jewelry.  If I'm out and I see a cute pair of earrings or a fun bracelet, you can guarantee I will be buying it.  My style of jewelry is unique and sometimes eclectic.  I don't wear what the average everyday woman wears.  I enjoy big chunky earrings, unique custom pieces, and large bangle bracelets.  Custom pieces are my favorite because you can't just go to any local store and buy it, it's original and only you have it.

Origami Owl is a fantastic jewelry company founded in 2010 by a then 14 year old girl! Living lockets are said to be the latest trend in jewelry. You simply select the charms that tell your story or represent things that you love.  You then choose a locket and a chain! These necklaces are definitely a conversation piece, not to mention very fun.  There are a variety of charms to choose from, ranging from music notes and animals, to sports and everything else in between. You can add charms to your locket as often as you want.  The locket opens for you to add or remove anything you wish. Make sure to choose charms that represent you well! A living locket would make a fantastic birthday present for your niece, granddaughter or any other special female in your life.

I love the concept of lockets and always enjoy keeping something close to your heart inside the necklace.  When I had the chance to review one of the lockets, I was very excited.  I took my time in choosing and I settled on a dog, horseshoe, and puffy heart charm.  The dog represents my love for animals, and of course my baby Colby.  The horseshoe represents good luck, and the heart represents love and my upcoming wedding.

The shipping was very speedy on the necklace and in no time it was here! The presentation is adorable.  The piece comes packaged in a paper take out box, so cute! The necklace is in a fortune cookie made from recycled kimonos.  How cool is that?? No two "cookies" are the same.  I love that, what a fun element. 

What's inside you ask? Let me show you.
The necklace is in the cookie! I love the bright red of the cookie.  What an original and unique concept!
Sneak Peek!
I love the size of the locket. It's not small and delicate but modern and funky.
The charms are adorable.  The detail on each one is incredible.  The rhinestones on the heart and horseshoe and the blue collar on the dog is so cute.
I am truly pleased with this necklace.  The glass locket is definitely a modern twist on a traditional locket.  The fact that it's clear and lets see you see the charms inside is very cool.  The locket itself has some weight to it, but it's not heavy on your neck at all. The chain is sturdy and secure.  It is adjustable so you can use any link on the chain that you want, depending on a higher or lower fit.  I am satisfied with the charms I chose and feel that they represent me well.  The attention to detail on these charms is very evident and the quality of them is very high. The locket close with a strong magnet. So you won't have to worry about the locket opening.  The charms are secure inside. This is such a fun necklace that would look perfect with a v-neck sweater in the winter and of course a dress in the summer too.
The instructions advise you to not get the necklace wet. Be sure not to wear it in the pool or shower. I think I will have to clean it with Windex every so often because it shows fingerprints well.
I am enjoying the way the necklace looks on and have even gotten a few compliments on it already! I look forward to eventually buying more charms for it in the future. Why not treat yourself to a Living Locket today?
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  1. Thanks for taking the time to review Origami Owl, Sammi. Just to remind your readers, anyone who "likes" my Facebook page will be entered to win a free charm that I'll be giving out this week.

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  2. How cute! I love the charms and almost thought the horseshoe was a "C" for Colby. Such a neat item and a great gift idea. Great review!!