Friday, February 8, 2013

Great Gifts for Men Review

Since I review so many products for myself, I think it's important to review products for my fiancee every so often.  It's not always easy to find something that he likes because he's simple.  Whenever I find a product that I knew he likes, I seize the opportunity.  I like to show him that I care. :)

Great Gifts for Men specializes in unique and fun great gift ideas for the special men in your life.  Your dad, boyfriend, husband or brother are sure to love any of the items sold for their birthday, graduation or any other occasion.  A convenient way to choose the right item for your guy is to filter it by their personality.  Find items tailored to a funny guy, geek, grill master, corporate maverick or even a sport and fitness nut, among many others.  This makes it a lot easier to find a gift that you know they will enjoy. A stainless steel grilling grid would make a great present for dad while a guitar shaped cutting board would be perfect for your brother.  Don't forget your husband either! He would love monogrammed cuff links.  There are many gifts which can be personalized or monogrammed for an extra special touch.

I knew that there was a perfect gift for my fiancee on the website and I was bound to find it.  I eventually found it, when I settled on the Rubik's Cube coffee mug! How awesome is this? He drinks a lot of coffee and I knew he would think the mug was a fun twist on a boring everyday coffee mug.

The rubik's cube is considered to be the world's best selling toy and now it is in a drinkable format! The unique coffee mug is made of ceramic and features the classic design and colors in a 3-inch cube shape. as soon a I gave it to my fiancee, he thought it was really cool.  He had never seen anything like it and it brouht a smile to his face.  He took it to work the other day to have his morning cup of coffee in.  He said immediately his co-workers saw the gem on his desk and asked him about it.  They said it was such a fun conversation piece and would make having your coffee or tea more exciting.  The colors are bright and vivid and the handle is easy and comfortable to hold. The mug is definitely sturdy and made well.  Don't let the shape fool you though, it holds just as much liquid as any other standard mug. 

This colorful square is not meant for the dishwasher! It is hand wash only. The only thing that would make the mug better is if you could really move the squares! If you're looking to revv up your morning coffee, this little slice of happiness would a perfect choice.

*DISCLOSURE* I received the mug complimentary in exchange for this review. All thoughts and opinions are strictly mine. 

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