Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Top Chop Market Giveaway

What I love most about turkey is there are so many ways to prepare it.  Turkey can be sliced into deli meat for a sandwich, cooked up ground style for tacos, or the star of Christmas dinner.  My personal favorite is ground turkey meatballs in spaghetti.  Let your creativity shine through and create a crowd-pleasing new dish that everyone will love!

Top Chop Market offers turkey products from Bowman and Landes which is a turkey farm located just north of Dayton, Ohio. All of the turkeys are raised antibiotic free, veggie-fed and free range. The turkeys are all treated in an ethical and responsible way.  Top Chop offers various turkey products including: whole turkeys, turkey breasts, cooked sausage, uncooked sausage, turkey burgers, and more!

Not only is turkey lower in fat and calories than regular red meat, it's big on taste too.  You know what sounds delicious? Sprinkling some turkey burgers with seasoned salt and garlic powder and grilling them indoors! Bust out that George Foreman grill and prepare to delight those taste buds!

If you're looking to serve some delicious food to your family and try some new turkey items, Top Chop Market would be a fantastic choice.  All of their products are big on flavor and sure to please.

Here's a look at some of the terrific turkey items:

Smoked Turkey Breast

Turkey burgers
All of the items are available to order online and they make the perfect gift for any meat lover.
One lucky winner will win a combo box that includes:
2 packs of burgers (includes ground turkey and turkey sausage
1 pack of butter garlic marinated tenders
2 packs of uncooked sausage (sweet Italian and country style)
2 packs of cooked sausage (bratwurst and smoked cheddar)
It's time to start dreaming of turkey!


Tuesday, February 26, 2013

SweepStreet Giveaway

Every lady loves jewelry.  I've never seen any woman discriminate against earrings, bracelets, a ring, or even a necklace.  They love each piece equally and always wear it proudly.  Jewelry is a fantastic way to represent yourself.  Whether you like chunky earrings, a simple silver bracelet, or a large and in charge cocktail ring, let your jewelry personality shine through.

SweepStreet offers beautiful, brand name jewelry at highly discounted prices from brands such as Judith Ripka, David Yurman, Dolce & Gabbana, Honora, Alex & Ani and many more. The pieces are beautiful and come in many different styles and colors.  Whether you need a new pair of earrings, a bracelet, or even a necklace, a piece from SweepStreet would look great in your jewelry box.  The jewelry featured on the website is not closeout pieces or last season's designs, it's what's in stores right now! The jewelry is regularly updated so customers can always buy what is current.

Here are a few of my favorite pieces:

David Yurman's Blue Topaz Albion Ring

Dolce & Gabbana Gold Bangle Set
Charriol Flamme Blanche Necklace
I could browse the website for hours! I'm a big jewelry lover so all of the designs appeal to me.  If you've had your eye on a certain designer piece that you can't justify spending big bucks for, SweepStreet would certainly make that jewelry dream more affordable!
Have a friend or relative's birthday coming up? Or maybe it's your wife's birthday? They would certainly love anything you buy for them from SweepStreet! Why not treat yourself too?

Sunday, February 24, 2013

IHOP Griddle Melts Review

IHOP is where breakfast is king.  I grew up going to this fabulous restaurant frequently.  The delicious and fluffy pancakes are hearty and comforting.  As soon as you step into any IHOP, it's like receiving a warm pancake hug. If you've never been to IHOP before, you need to get into your car and drive to one right now!

IHOP, formerly known as The International House of Pancakes specializes in breakfast foods. The menu focuses on pancakes, french toast and omelets, but there is also a menu of lunch and dinner items too.  I used to love to get chocolate chip pancakes when I was younger. Now they have amazing flavors like red velvet, banana caramel and cinnamon stuffed pancakes! The french toast also comes in different mouth-watering flavors.  The menu always has new items on it to delight your taste buds.  Anything from IHOP is the perfect comfort food.

Recently, IHOP has introduced three new breakfast Griddle Melts sandwiches to the menu.  The delectable sandwiches are: spinach roasted peppers and cheese, Western, and a ham and egg melt. The sandwiches are served on grilled artisan bread and served with hash browns, French fries, or seasonal fruit.

I was asked to review one of the new Griddle Melts sandwiches.  I visited IHOP tonight actually! I chose the spinach, roasted peppers & cheese sandwich.  This sandwich consists of sauteed spinach in a fluffy egg omelet topped with roasted red peppers, onions, melted provolone, Parmesan and pepper jack cheeses on grilled artisan sourdough bread.  I opted for no red peppers, onions or pepper jack cheese.  I had fries as my side. I should have chose fruit though! ;)


I chose this sandwich because I'm not a big fan of ham, and the egg and cheese seemed right up my alley. The egg was fluffy and full of nice flavor.  The cheese was piled on generously and the warm spinach complimented the sandwich well. The bread was crispy and grilled to perfection.  I enjoyed the sandwich, but the only things I wish were different were that the bread had less butter on top, there wasn't so much egg, and there was a little less cheese. The fries on the side were crispy and had great fluffy potato flavor. I was only able to eat half of the sandwich because it was dense and filling.  The sandwich was made to order and everything tasted fresh, not frozen. My fiance happily finished the other half! :)

Look at all of the fluffy egg and spinach!
If you're looking for a fun twist on a traditional omelet, you should try a Griddle Melts sandwich. 
*DISCLOSURE* Thank you to IHOP for providing me with gift cards in exchange for this review.  All thoughts and opinions are strictly mine and not based on anything else.

Hugrz Review and Giveaway

In the fall and winter, boots are what I live in.  I wear my many different colors and styles of riding boots, and then at night I wear stiletto boots.  Boots add a fun touch to whatever you're wearing and look great.  Of course it can be costly to own many different pairs of boots.  Whenever you want to give your boots a makeover, why not choose Hugrz?

Hugrz boot wraps are the original boot covers.  Wrap your favorite boots to match this year's hottest faux fur, fringe, animal print, and sweater boot styles.  These boot covers come in three different collections: Aspen, Bennington, and Santa Fe.  Each collection features a specific style of boot covers.  My favorite collection is the Bennington collection. The sweater boot covers in this collection define winter in my opinion, not to mention they come in different colors and patterns.  The boot covers are soft and made from a cotton-blend yarn. They are made well and fit over any type of boots, whether they have a zipper or not, or are tall or short.  If you're looking to add some style and personality to your boots, introduce them to Hugrz.  I can guarantee it will be a match made in heaven.

When I was offered the chance to review a pair of Hugrz, I was excited at the opportunity. I pondered which boots I'd like to transform and give a brand new look to.  After I selected the lucky candidates, I browsed the Hugrz website to choose which boot covers I wanted.  I finally settled on the beautiful Toggle Black Fair Isle.

As soon as I saw this pattern, I fell in love with it.  It reminded me of a comfy sweater that you lounge around in at home during the freezing months of the year.  I've always loved Fair Isle patterns and this pattern features a wonderful black background with beautiful knitted detail. The knitting work is top-notch and the colors are bright and vivid.  I also love the toggle button on the side.
The shipping was exceptionally speedy and in no time the boot covers were sitting in my mailbox.  Instructions were included in the packaging. I read them and they seemed pretty straight-forward.  The key to making these boot covers work is that you should put them on your leg to begin with.  Then put your boots on and roll the covers down over the top of the boot.  Depending on the length of your boots, you can roll the cover under so it fits well. The Hugrz are quality made and built to last.
I used these on a short pair of black Emu boots.  I had no problem putting them on and they were snug and secure once on the boot.  I folded the cover underneath a little bit as the boots are short and I had extra material.  I took a picture of my boots but I feel the stock photo provides you a much better picture.
Don't these look like an expensive pair of trendy boots? That's what I love about these covers, they instantly transform everyday boots into a fun and fashionable look! The cover gives you an extra layer of warmth over your boots, which is an added bonus.  I've had several people ask me where I bought my boots from and they were surprised to learn that they were only boot covers.  I of course gave all of the credit to Hugrz!
I'll be putting these on several other pairs of boots in the near future. Hugrz makes a great gift for any woman out there.  Buy her a few pairs so she can interchange them on her boots.  Why not spoil yourself with a pair too?

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Cheribundi Review and Giveaway

I generally try to drink only water since it's the healthiest beverage for you.  Sometimes I will add flavor packets to it for a boost of flavor.  I have the occasional craving for a soda or a glass of juice too.  I try to make sure that my juice choice is both low in calories and sugar.  Of course if it's all natural with no additives that's even better too.  Cheribundi knows how to get their drink on, naturally of course.

Cheribundi deems themselves "the cherry people." They produce cherry juice that is made from orchard-fresh, tart cherries.  There are no artifical ingredients or additives, only ingredients you can actually pronounce and know what they are. Tart cherries contain phytonutrients and anthocyanins. A bottle of Cheribundi contains between 5 and 25% actual juice.  There are also between 5 and 20 cherries per bottle.  The cherries are fresh pressed and not from concentrate. A great plus of this drink is that it's gluten free too. The flavors range from tart cherry raspberry and tart cherry cranberry to tart cherry lemonade, to a few others. If you're looking for a refreshing beverage that will make your taste buds sing, pick up a bottle of Cheribundi immediately.

When I drink juice, I want to make sure I'm not drinking a bunch of unnatural chemicals and additives that do my body harm.  I like to make sure what I'm consuming is natural and fresh.  With Cheribundi, I don't have to worry about that.  I always like to try new juices on occasion.  When I received the opportunity to try Cheribundi, I was intrigued at all of the different cherry flavors offered.

Soon after, the Fed Ex man graced me with his presence and handed me a box full of cherry goodness.  Inside there were many bottles of juice just waiting to be sampled.

I received tart cherry rooibos refresh tea, tart cherry cranberry refresh, tart cherry jasmine tea refresh, tart cherry pomegranate refresh, tart cherry lemonade refresh, and tart cherry black tea refresh.  Each one looked so delicious and full of yummy fruit flavor, I couldn't decide which one to try first! I settled on the tart cherry pomegranate.  The combination of cherry and pomegranate sounded like heaven on earth. The fact that the drink was hanging out and getting nice and cold in the fridge wasn't bad either.

The labels on the bottle are simple and clean, just like the cherry juice they are marketing.  The label contains a large detailed picture of the fruit associated with the flavor.  The lettering is clear, large and catches your attention when you look at the bottle.  Each cap is either green or clear depending on the flavor.

I took a sip of the drink and my both of my iris's turned into a cherry and a pomegranate.  It was fantastic! I was expecting it to be very sweet and I would need to dilute it, but it wasn't overly sugary sweet at all.  It was light and subtle. The icy cold beverage mixed with the tart cherries and sweet pomegranate was out of this world! I could equally taste the flavors of each fruit equally, but they both complimented each other so well.  This bottle of juice contains 25% juice and 20 cherries in the entire bottle which is fantastic.  The flavor is truly delicious and I had to stop myself from drinking the whole bottle in two seconds.  Packing this in a child's backpack for school or taking it to have at work would be a great decision.  Why not enjoy this beverage any time of the day though?

Next, I tried the tart cherry rooibos tea.  The flavor was similar to iced tea, which is the only way I can describe it.  The flavor was slightly lighter than the previous beverage I described.  It wasn't as sweet.  I wish it had just a slightly more amount of sweetness to it.  This drink would go great with whatever you're eating.  The light flavor is not heavy and goes down smooth.

I look forward to trying the rest of the flavors I was sent.  The bottles are presently all screaming my name from inside the fridge. They need to settle down! :)

These drinks would be the perfect accompaniment to the hot summer sun, especially when they are icy cold.

Shabby Apple Giveaway

Now that spring is on the horizon, it's time to start thinking about buying some clothes for the new season.  Break out of that winter rut and think about this season's colors, styles and patterns. It's essential that you step into spring looking your best!

Shabby Apple offers stylish women's apparel and accessories. Maternity and swimwear are also available. If you're looking for that new spring top or dress, Shabby Apple is your pick! All of the clothes are so beautiful and they look straight out of a magazine. I definitely could see myself adding a few pieces to my closet. The clothes have a distinct personality and vintage-y style that I absolutely love. There are so many different styles and colors of the clothes, that you'll instantly find something you love.  Don't forget to order those gorgeous earrings that will match your new top.  Of course you need to purchase a new bag too. :)

Here are just a few of my favorite pieces:

What's great about all of SA's pieces is that they are instantly transformable from work to play.  Versatile pieces make life so much easier.  Everytime I go on the website, I have to hide my credit card! Impulse buys stare at you on every page. :)

Don't forget that they are always adding new must-have pieces. What are some of your favorite Shabby Apple pieces? One winner will be answering that question pretty soon!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Johnny Cupcakes Giveaway

Our cell phones are used constantly and are with us wherever we go.  We use them to stay in touch with friends and family, check work email, play games, or even download some new apps.  Cell phones only come in a few color choices.  Don't you think it's time to have a smart phone case that truly represents you?

Johnny Cupcakes is an independent clothing and accessories brand founded by CEO John Earle. In 2001 he began selling his quirky cupcake-themed t-shirts and pins out of the trunk of his '89 Camry.  The brand immediately attracted a cult following.  Johnny Cupcakes has moved far beyond suitcase based sales and has expanded its reach to include a robust retail side in Boston, LA, and London.  Each retail space is designed as a vintage bakery and the brand's signature products are displayed inside glass displays and refrigerators.

Johnny Cupcakes is such a fun and whimiscal brand, how can you not help but love them? Two new iPhone cases for the 4/4S and 5 have recently been introduced. Featuring unique spins on the company's iconic cupcakes and crossbones design, the cases add streetworthy style to your phone.

The Baker Camo is a camo print design that features a mash-up of bakery tools and goods ranging from cupcakes to rolling pins, dough and spoons all baked together in a green and brown color palette.
The Polka Dot X-Bones offers a sleek black case which features the classic design in a black and white polka-dot pattern in a matte finish.
Both of these cases are fun and lighthearted and they are just what your phone needs! One lucky winner will win the case of their choice.

Thursday, February 21, 2013 Review

Magnets are a fridge's best friend.  They display your child's artwork, important work/school information you might need, party invitations, and anything else that you need to be reminded of.  Magnets come in many different fun shapes, sizes, patterns, not to mention themes.  The next time you tack something up on your fridge, make sure it's being secured by a magnet that makes you smile. :) is a promotional refrigerator magnet manufacturer. Currently one of their most popular and best selling items is the business card magnet. Having a paper version of a business card can be easily lost or thrown out, even though most people have the paper version.  With a business card magnet, they are easily kept and more unique. It's time to spice up the business world and get on board with magnets!  Ordering business card magnets for your small business or company is easily done thanks to  You can design the magnet however you like.  Add different fonts and background colors and display your business information.

When I was offered the opportunity to review business card magnets for my blog, I was excited.  I have paper business cards but they are a few years old at this point.  I would also like to revamp the design of them as well.  I was able to use the same font and colors from the header on my blog for the card's logo.  I then picked out the background color and gave my phone number, blog website address, Twitter and Facebook fan page link. The company was very easy to work with and were accommodating to my changes that I requested.  In no time, I had a sample proof emailed to me for final approval.

This is the end result!  I crossed out my phone number. Aren't they pretty?
The shipping time was lightning fast.  It was just a few days from my final approval till when the Fed-Ex man graced me with his presence. The magnets are thick and very high quality.  The magnet is strong and adheres to my fridge with ease. I received 100 of them which will last me for quite some time.
I'm very happy with the design I chose and I love the combination of the the black header combined with blue and white.  It's fun and fits my personality well. The colors are bright and vivid and the text is clear and easy to read.  These magnets are a great paper card alternative to give to future companies who are interested in working with me.  They won't get thrown out or as easily lost as a paper version.  I can't wait to give them to friends and family too!
If you're in need of new business cards to promote your company, I highly recommend!
*DISCLOSURE* Thank you to for providing me with the complimentary business cards in exchange for this review.  All thoughts and opinions are strictly mine and not based on anything else.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Diversity on Demand Giveaway

If you didn't already know, February is Black History Month. This month is a time to reflect on past historical figures who have made a difference and paved the way for change. 

Diversity on Demand on your local cable service is giving digital cable customers the opportunity to catch up with some of the history, struggles, and beauty that are an integral part of the African-American experience. Viewers can learn more about African-American history at their own convenience during Black History Month.  With just a push of a button, they can instantly watch their favorites from the comfort of their own home. Watch as your screen is filled with stories of famous black jazz singers, historical events, and much more. This is a wonderful service that is not only educational, but entertaining too. It would be a great tool for informing your children about past events.  It's never too early to learn about monumental events.

For more information about the Diversity on Demand cable service, be sure to visit, and to find your cable provider check out

To get viewers excited and interested about the service, Diversity On Demand wants to give one lucky winner from Sammi's Blog Of Life a $25 Visa Gift Card and a $10 cable cash gift certificate to use towards Diversity on Demand! What are you waiting for? Hurry up and enter! :)

Monday, February 18, 2013

President's Day helps you to get your shop on!

Fashionistas everywhere love a good sale, and there's no better time to rack up the savings than during President's Day. You can find great deals from your favorite retailers through the end of the day, so those of you at work can still take advantage of these offers collected by Even better, you don't have to brave the crowds for great style!

1. New York & Company
For a limited time, get free shipping on any order (no code required).
2. The Limited
Save 40% on original ticket prices through Feb. 18 with promo code PRES40.
3. Victoria's Secret
Get 20% off any product through Feb. 18 with coupon code SHOP20.
4. Banana Republic
Take 30% off most orders through Feb. 18 with promo code BRSHOP30.
5. J. Crew
Free shipping plus 40% off final sale items through Feb. 18 with code STYLE40.
6. Levi's
Click here to get 30% off all orders through Feb. 19 with promo code SPRING.
7. Macy's
Get an extra 10 to 15% off through Feb. 18 with coupon code PRES.
8. Aeropostale
Take $20 off orders of $80 or more through Feb. 18 with code 20PRES.
9. Gap
Save 30% on your order through Feb. 18 with promo code GAPBRIGHT.
10. Lands' End
Take 25% off everything swim plus enjoy free shipping over $50 with code SWIM and PIN 1518.

Diamond Earrings Would Make Any Lady Happy

Diamond earrings are the perfect gift for practically any occasion.  Give a lady diamond stud earrings for her birthday, Christmas, or an anniversary and watch her face light up. There's nothing quite like a gorgeous pair of earrings to make you feel special.

Prime Style offers beautiful diamond earrings at fantastic and affordable prices. The earrings are 50-78%- off retail prices! How about treating your wife to a pair of 1.10 round cut diamond stud earrings? Your mom would also love a pair of 2.50 princess cut luxurious diamond earrings for Mother's Day! There are so many different choices, styles and cuts, guaranteed to make any special lady happy.

The quality of the diamonds are top quality and will last for years and years. Can't you just imagine wearing these on your wedding day or to a fancy Christmas or New Year's party? I guarantee you'll receive a lot of compliments.

If you're shopping for a new pair of diamond earrings in the near future, please consider Prime Style.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Be In The Know About Infinite Scarves

If you haven't previously heard of Infinite Scarves, you have to listen up! These scarves are the hottest accessory for winter and look great with anything.

The best thing about these scarves is that they can be worn 20 different ways! How about wearing your brown scarf as a muffler and your black scarf as a shawl? Don't forget to wear the scarf as a dress, jacket, sweater, shawl, vest, warmer, hood, cowl, kerchief and so many other ways! The possibilites are endless.  Gone are the days of a simple scarf worn with your jacket.  It's time to spice it up and make each day stylish and fun thanks to Infinite Scarves.

I was sent a balck and brown scarf and an informative DVD on how to wear the different styles.  I've enjoyed trying the different possibilites, but I think my favorites are the cowl and warmer.  The brown scarf looks fantastic with my brown jacket, and the black one looks perfect with my grey jacket too! The scarf is warm and cozy and perfect for an outing on a chilly winter's day.

If you're in the market for a new scarf or one as a gift, why not try Infinite Scarves?

Please use the code "CODE102" at checkout to receive two scarves for the price of $19.95! Order here! Just click on the picture above.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Sally Hansen Review and Giveaway

I honestly haven't had my nails bare in years and years.  I routinely wear nail polish and don't like the look of bare nails on myself.  The second I take an old coat of polish on, I put a fresh coat on.  My favorite shades are reds and pinks.  Sometimes I like to spice it up and add a coat of glitter on top for some sparkle.  It's always fun to try new shades and find favorites.

Sally Hansen is the queen of cosmetics.  The brand specializes in nail polish, nail treatments, skin products and hair remover products.  I've been using Sally Hansen nail polish for as long as I remember.  I really like how they are constantly coming out with new products to keep their customers happy. If I'm buying a new shade of nail polish in the drugstore I always head straight to Sally Hansen.  The polish is quality.  It looks great and is long lasting.

When I received the opportunity to try two new products from Sally Hansen's nail line up, I instantly said yes.  Not only did I love the colors, they looked like something I would've picked out myself!

I received a bottle of Sally Hansen's complete salon manicure in Pink Pong, and a bottle of Gem Crush in Big Money. 

Aren't these shades gorgeous? I love how the pink is such a light color, yet the Gem Crush adds some big sparkle to it!

I always love doing my nails. I'm very girly.  I do my nails myself but in the summertime I like to treat myself to a mani/pedi.  The Pink Pong glid over my nails and left its pink mark on them with ease.  As the first coat was drying, I admired the color.  The pink was subtle and delicate, not in your face.  Sometimes it's nice to have a break from a big, bold color.  The second coat gave a bit more life to the pink and brightened it. Then it was time to add the Gem Crush.  I like anything sparkly, so of course this was right up my alley.

What I wasn't expecting was that the sparkles would be so thick.  I thought it would be a light layer of sparkle so you could still see the color underneath.  The sparkles covered up a lot of the nail polish.  This isn't necessarily a bad thing, I just wish you could have seen more of the pink.  I think next time I might put a light layer of sparkle on the tip of my nails instead. 

The sparkle is fun though, it does brighten up one's day to look at it.  The Pink Pong can be worn by itself if desired, especially if you're not feeling sparkly that day! Both polishes dried quickly and easily, and I had no issues with the polish smearing.

The Gem Crush would be the perfect addition to your nails for work or play, and especially a fun party at night too.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Guess Giveaway

I'm big on trying new perfume scents.  I do have current favorites that I stick with, but I'm always open to new perfume suggestions and ideas.  I wear perfume on a daily basis and couldn't imagine not incorporating it into my morning beauty routine.  It's always nice when someone tells you that you smell nice too.  If you're in the market for a new perfume, listen up!

Guess is a designer clothing and accessory brand that is available for men and women along with kids and babies too. I love Guess's gorgeous high heels, and I actually own a few pairs. They are so comfortable! What's great about Guess is that their clothing and accessories come in so many styles and patterns to suit anyone's taste. Lately I've had my eye on a cute new pair of Guess sunglasses too.  What I didn't realize is that they market perfume too, that definitely caught my attention when I heard that.

Perfume makes a great gift for any gal, just make sure you know what her scent style is.  I want to inform you about a new scent from Guess called Guess Girl.

How cute is the bottle? I love it! Guess Girl is the perfect sexy and irrestiable fragrance for your Valentine's Day night out, or any night out at that! The perfume is a celebration of bold, beautiful women everywhere. The fragrance has top notes of raspberry nectar, melon and bergamot, combined with middle notes of Brazilian paradise orchid, provence acacia flower and lily. The scent is finished with base notes of Australian sandalwood and Madagascar vanilla. This fragrance will surely make your Valentine's day one to remember.

Go ahead and make room in your bathroom cabinet for this fabulous fragrance!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Want to win a $25 itunes gift card?

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