Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Duane Reade #DRFluShot Mission

Flu season lasts from October to May, and it's very important to arm yourself against sickness.  Being ill is no fun.  Why not protect yourself by receiving the flu shot? The uncomfortable shot lasts seconds and you can have piece of mind for 8 months.  I've been getting the flu shot for years and have never had any side effects, and of course have never gotten sick! Go out and get one today!

Duane Reade had a special event happening last night at the store in Union Square. You could receive your flu shot and also have the chance to meet New York Giants player David Diehl! Pretty cool, right?

Once inside, I made my way to the pharmacy area where David was to receive his flu shot.  Along the way I noticed a ton of promotion for the flu shot.  There were balloons hanging from the aisles encouraging you to get the shot, and there were even stickers with the same message on the prepackaged sandwiches! Duane Reade did not miss an opportunity to alert customers and I think that is a smart choice.

I was told to get there at 6 to see David get his flu shot but for whatever reason he had already received it.  I wish I was there to see it because I wondered how he would have reacted.  Was he good at taking pain (I am not, I hate needles!) or was the shot no big deal to him? I was sent a picture of him receiving the shot though.
What I did notice when I got to his table was that he was wearing a "I received a flu shot!" sticker on his arm.  This is a perfect way to convince others to receive a shot, if they hadn't already.  They see that their favorite football player got his, and they want to get one too! That's one less person with the flu. I did not get a flu shot at the event but will be getting one soon.

I was able to meet David, take a picture with him, and get a signed autograph, which was very cool.  He was very friendly and I could tell he cared about meeting each person individually and speaking to them. I wish I had the chance to speak to him more.  A line quickly formed around the table with people holding New York Giants hoodies and footballs for him to sign.  People were all smiles that night, thanks to David!

Afterwards, I took advantage of being in Duane Reade to purchase some items.  The medicine aisle was heavily promoted, of course for flu season.  One endcap aisle had a big message about the flu on it and featured items such as cough drops, tissues and cold and cough medicine. I had never seen so many boxes of Emergen-C in one place before either! Whatever medicine you're looking for to keep sickness at bay, Duane Reade has it!  Of course I bought those essential flu prevention in case I do get sick in the next few months.  Let's hope I don't!

Duane Reade is doing their part in helping you through flu season, why not do yours too? Go out and get a flu shot today, you'll thank yourself that you did.

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