Monday, February 13, 2012

Sena Cases Review

There's only one computer in my household and it's my boyfriend's. I have my laptop from college but it's painfully slow and very old. So when my boyfriend's using his laptop, I only have my iPad. I can't really blog on my iPad, it's a challenge and doesn't work very well. I used to have to wait to use the computer and that was annoying. Now my days of annoyance are gone!

Sena Cases is a luxury mobile device accessory designer offering classy, stylish protective leather cases for today’s most popular mobile devices. There are cases for phones, smartphones, tablets, laptops, readers, MP3 players and more. The unique cases not only offer an upscale, quality and appearance, but also provide exceptional functionality. The cases are built to last and quality made.

Sena would make an excellent gift for someone who just bought an iPad or a kindle. Let them protect their new electronic device, but also keep it in a stylish case!

I've been wanting an iPad keyboard for a long time. It's hard and frustrating to write emails or surf the web when you keep pushing the wrong letters on the screen. Instead of going to, you go to Not quite the same, huh? I've been eyeing various iPad keyboard online and drooling over them, and hoping to own one of them soon.

Well my lucky day eventually came when Sena Cases gave me the opportunity to review a black leather iPad keyboard case. I was sent a black leather keyboard case and I love it! The case also comes in red or orange as well.

The case is a sleek black one that is classic. I love black electronics cases, they are always in style and truly look great all the time.

The keyboard is an integrated bluetooth keyboard for iPad 1. It connects to the iPad very easily. Just easily slip the iPad into the case and turn the power switch on. Once you've done that, push the connect button on the top of the case. After that, go into your settings on the iPad and activate the bluetooth setting. The keyboard is then connected with your iPad The case came with no instructions, so I had to go on the website and find them. I do think the case should come with them, because not everyone would think to do that right away. The buttons on the keyboard are easy to push and I had no trouble typing on the iPad at all. I won't make any typo's now!

I love that this small little case turns my iPad into a mini computer! There's a stand that pops out in the back of the case, so as to easily prop the iPad up on a desk or table. The case stands up without any problems. The case easily folds up to be stored in a bag, purse, or drawer too.

I'm really happy that I'll now always have computer access even when my boyfriend's using the laptop! This would be the perfect gift for a technology lover who you normally don't know what to buy for. They will love it! Why not treat yourself too?

*DISCLOSURE* Thanks to Sena Cases for providing me with this complimentary case in exchange for this review. All thoughts and opinions are strictly mine and not based on anything else.

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