Sunday, January 22, 2012

Mint Floor Cleaner Review

I'm always looking for new and better ways to clean my house. If it makes cleaning easier for me, I'm all for it too! Cleaning is truly a chore and I would like to spend my time enjoying life, not worrying about cleaning my floors. With the Mint, that thought is now a reality!

The Mint Floor Cleaner is a robotic appliance that could save you hours by replacing cleaning time with leisure time. Smart enough to navigate and clean the hard surface floors of a room systematically and without human assistance, the Mint Cleaner offers consumers a simple, easy and affordable way to keep up with life’s demands while maintaining a clean and healthy home. It's programmed by NorthStar Navigation. The Mint cleans intelligently and meticulously so it doesn’t miss a single spot.

The Mint will make your life so much easier. Forget the days of mopping your floors by hand. This will revolutionize your mopping! The Mint will happily clean your home for you with no complaints with just a push of a button. The device uses cleaning cloths to both sweep and mop and it is ideal for pet hair pick up, dust control and maintaining clean floors everyday. The Mint performs quietly which your family will appreciate.

When I had the chance to review this electronic device, I was very excited. Years ago I had a Roomba and it worked really well. I loved being able to sit down while the happy little round device did all the hard work for me.

Not only is the mint aesthetically pleasing to look at, it was very easy to operate for the first time too. I pushed a button and in no time I had it up and running and cleaning my kitchen! The instructions were extremely user-friendly and everything was easy to follow. It takes a little bit to charge, but after that it can start cleaning your floors in less than 30 seconds. I was so happy that it wasn't me cleaning my floors this week! Here's a video to show of it cleaning that I took, so you can see how it works:

(You can see the guiding device on my counter top in the beginning)

The device cleans my floors excellently! It goes along the baseboard and catches all of the debris that collects there. I do vacuum regularly but sometimes your vacuum can't do a job as well as a wet or dry cloth can. I like how it never misses a spot on your floors, thanks to its NorthStar Navigation!

What I think is fantastic about the Mint is that it has a mopping/scrubbing feature. It mops back and forth to remove any dirt that's trapped in tile or your flooring. The mint works tirelessly to please you. It has a rubber bumper so anything that it bumps against, it leaves no damage. You can barely hear the Mint when it's powered on too. I was amazed at how much dirt was on the cloth pad when it was finished! It just goes to show you that your daily vacuuming might not always be as good as you think. Since it's not a large device, it can easily be stored inside a cabinet or closet when not in use. I can't wait to use it in my bathroom and bedroom next!

Thanks to the Mint I will never have to view washing my floors as a chore again! This would be a perfect gift for a busy new mom or a senior citizen who can't clean as well as they used to. It really is the perfect gift for anyone who needs a little break from cleaning.

*DISCLOSURE* I received the Mint in exchange for this review. All thoughts and opinions are strictly mine and not based on anything else.