Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Let me inform you about Kiddie Academy

Kiddie Academy is a fantastic program. If you haven't already heard about them, let me introduce you.

Kiddie Academy has been a leader in educationally focused daycare for more than 30 years, with centers across the United States. You should feel comfortable with entrusting your child to Kiddie Academy. The facility is educational and loving.

Many of you may be wondering what sets Kiddie Academy apart from other daycare centers?

Kiddie Academy® has achieved market leadership by working closely with each of their franchisees to promote the progress and growth of each academy. They make sure that their franchisees have the tools and guidance they need to run their businesses efficiently, so that they can have time for the other priorities in their lives, as well.

When families experience Kiddie Academy® programs, the distinction is clear. Their proprietary approach addresses the complete needs of a child:

•Character Development

Kiddie Academy's programs are designed to be easy to integrate into the academy. Their programs are continuously improved with guidance from internal and external experts in early childhood education and development.

Their continuing commitment to quality education and child care gives their franchisees a powerful competitive advantage when marketing Kiddie Academy to parents. All of their programs meet or exceed state standards, and Kiddie Academy has been accredited by AdvancEd. In addition, individual academies achieve accreditation by regional or national accreditation organizations.

What do you think about Kiddie Academy? I'd love to hear your thoughts. I don't have children, but if I did I would definitely consider Kiddie Academy.

For more information about Kiddie Academy, please turn to their website;

*DISCLOSURE*I have a 3 month relationship with Kiddie Academy for which I am being compensated for. All thoughts and opinions throughout my posts are strictly my opinion or facts/and not based on anything else.

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