Saturday, October 29, 2011

Teva Review

I wrote a Teva sneaker review a few months back. I was truly impressed with the quality and durability of the shoe. I knew I had to review more of their products. I feel very strongly about Teva's background and their company mission too. Teva truly cares about making a fantastic shoe with the consumer in mind and that means a lot to me.

Teva offers a full range of hiking, sport, casual shoes and sandals for men, women, and children. There are various styles and colors for anyone's taste and preference. A pair of sport or hiking shoes from this company would make a fantastic gift for the athletic individual in your family. Start your child or even infant off young with a cute pair of Teva sandals too.

Since it's cold in NYC and tends to snow a lot during the winter, I knew I needed a great pair of boots to trek through the snow with. I don't already have an authentic pair of snow boots and knew I need them. Teva suggested the Vero waterproof boot in dark gull grey.

◦Our White Spider Rubber sole will help keep your face a safe distance from the ground when the temperature drops.
◦Built on our versatile MXT platform, meaning spontaneous adventure is always an option.

◦A waterproof leather upper can handle getting a little wet.
◦Our T.I.D.E Seal waterproof membrane will keep your feet (and socks) dry.
◦The gusseted tongue keeps water out.

◦200 grams of Thinsulate insulation by 3M will keep your feet warm through all of your cold-weather adventures.
◦A zipper on the side lets you get in and out quickly.
◦Heel to toe EVA Strobel lasting (translation: there’s cushioning in this thing from the ground up).
◦A Shoc Pad™ in the heel makes for a smooth ride.
◦Our Mush® Infused Insole brings the absurd comfort of our flip flops into a boot.

It snowed today so I wore the boots to test them out. They took a little time to properly get them on and get used to wearing them. Once on, they fit me well and were very comfortable to wear. They were easy to walk around in and weren't heavy on my feet at all. The zipper on the side allows easy access for putting them on or taking them off. The neutral color of the boot is perfect.

The boots are designed very well and I am impressed. They are made for the upcoming frigid temperatures and snow that NYC will have. The shoe is insulated well with Thinsulate technology and will keep my feet warm which I am thankful for. It was about 38 degrees today and in normal boots my feet are very cold, but these boots kept my feet warm and snuggly. I loved it! I hate when boots are not warm inside and my feet are freezing. I love that the shoes are waterproof too and will keep my feet and socks dry if caught in the rain. My jeans tuck into the boots easily too. I feel confident that I can wear these during the bitter cold days and my feet will be properly protected.

*DISCLOSURE* Thank you to Teva for providing me with these complimentary boots in exchange for this review. All thoughts and opinions are strictly mine and not based on anything else.

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  1. i love how these sneakers/boots have a lace all the way up the shoe. it makes it look cute in a way. i bet it was really perfect for the snowy day that you guys just had.