Thursday, October 13, 2011

A Southern Girl in the Big City Post 2-Kitchen Woes

Let's talk about small kitchens, shall we? I would love a large, open kitchen that I can freely cook in without worrying about the size constraint. I dream of chopping vegetables quicker than Gordon Ramsay and making more desserts than Paula Deen can handle. New York is where big kitchens come to die though.

Something along the lines of this would do just fine:

I'm not even asking for a lot, I promise. My kitchen now is similiar to this size:

I am not even sure what those numbers mean. It's probably a running count of everyone who went insane from having to use a kitchen that small. I also don't have a dishwasher which sends me into a fit of annoyance every time I remember that fact when I see a sink full of dirty dishes.

I have two kitchen storage racks and a free standing storage cabinet, and it's still not enough room! I do have too much cookware though. I could open up my own Williams-Sonoma, I'm convinced.

All of you who have gorgeous large kitchens with tons of counter and cabinet day I'll be there too...I hope! :)


  1. hi Sammi, can you possibly tell me where did you find that picture of the awesome kitchen? I'm looking to remodel my kitchen, and THAT's totally what my dream kitchen looks like!!

  2. Hi-

    I just found it on google images when I typed in "gorgeous kitchen." Lol. I don't know where the original picture is from.

    Sorry I can't help more!


  3. (laughing) no worries, I'll give that search a go. seriously, that would be THE perfect kitchen!!