Friday, August 5, 2011

CostumeDiscounters Review

Halloween is just around the corner! Have you thought about what your children will be dressing up as this year? It's not too late to start thinking about it now. I don't dress up anymore, nor do I have any children to dress up. That doesn't stop me from putting a costume on my dog though. Last year she was an angel, and the year before that a princess :).

Costume Discounters offers the lowest prices on costumes possible. They have men, women, children's, and pet costumes. You can't forget dog costumes either. The costumes range in popular styles (Cinderella, Winnie The Pooh, Batman, etc.) Costume Discounters also offers theme costumes (baseball, basketball, and also 20's, 30's, 40's, and 50's themed, etc.) Holiday themed costumes are also available. I can guarantee that you will find the costume that you are looking for at a great price.

I picked out the cutest costume for my Colby! For Halloween this year she will be a Kandy Korn!

This costume is so cute! I really wanted to get a picture of her in the costume but she just wouldn't sit still enough for me to get a good picture. She looked absolutely adorable! I've never seen a cuter costume for a pet before. I've put costumes on her before that she's immediately tried to get off (specifically anything with a hat) but she had no problem with this Kandy Korn hat. It must have been comfortable for her. The hat fit her head well and was easy to move into place if she made it become askew. The cape was equally as cute and fit around her back and neck well and stayed in place securely. I think she knew that she looked cute because she kept running around and wagging her tail and looking at me. :) The colors on the costume are bright and vivid. They truly represent a candy corn very well. The costume seems to be made well. It is not machine-washable but has to be hand-washed. I can't wait for the kids to see her costume on Halloween, I know she will love them and they will love her too! :)