Sunday, March 20, 2011

Kim and Scott's Review

BDD (Before Diet Days) I used to really love soft pretzels. A great soft pretzel with just the tiniest hint of salt would be a snack that I really enjoyed. I never really thought about wanting to try any sort of flavored pretzels until I came across Kim and Scott's Gourmet Pretzels.

Kim and Scott's Gourmet Pretzels add a unique twist to the ancient pretzel by creating a variety of delicious flavors, using custom recipes and premium ingredients. Twisted by hand and baked from scratch, their unique soft pretzels make a wonderful snack anytime!

The pretzels are stuffed with the delicious flavors of traditional bavarian, sourdough parmesean, apple cinnamon, chocolate crumb, cinnamon roll, cream cheese, and egg and cheese. Did you think I was done? No way! There's more. Grilled cheese, pizza pretzel and spinach feta are the next great flavors featured in the line. There's also a gluteen free soft pretzel, along with stuffed bagels in the flavors of cinnamon roll, cream cheese, and egg and cheese. As you can see, there's really a flavor for anyone's liking. Each box contains 4 large pretzels. Don't they sound fabulous?

I was sent three boxes of flavors to try. I received cinnamon roll, sourdough parmesean, and spinach feta.

A delicious assortment of Kim and Scott's Gourmet Pretzels:

These pretzels are:
Source of Whole Grain
No Trans Fats

Premium Ingredients
Twisted by Hand & Made from Scratch
No Hydrogenated Oils

Microwavable or Oven baked
Made in a Nut-Free Faciility
No Preservatives

My dad tried the spinach and feta pretzel. He said the pretzel was the softest one he's ever had and growing up in NYC he's had many soft pretzels from street vendors in his lifetime. He said this one takes the cake in freshness. It was soft, flakey and just delicious. The color of the pretzel was golden brown and it had just the slightest bit of chewiness to it.

The pretzel was stuffed with a large amount of spinach and feta cheese. The flavor of the spinach was very prevalent and it melted in your mouth. My dad said he loved the pretzel taste combined with both flavors inside. It was a unique combination. The feta cheese had a wonderful rich flavor that was so pleasant. He said the flavor of the cheese mixed with the spinach was awesome and the flavors complimented each other so perfectly. He actually liked the pretzel so much he had to have a second one right after!

The cinnamon roll pretzel puts any cinnamon roll pastry to shame! This one was sweet, but not too sweet. The pretzel was stuffed with delicious cinnamon roll flavor and each bite was more delicious than the last. The flavor of the cinnamon was very noticable and it was combined with a sweet layer inside. My dad really liked it and said it would be a great snack, or an even nicer dessert.

Lastly, the sourdough parmesean pretzel was sampled. My dad is a huge lover of sourdough bread, so he knew he would love this pretzel. The pretzel was extremely fresh and a generous layer of parmesean cheese baked into the pretzel. The parmesean cheese was excellent and paired with the sourdough bread pretzel, it was heavenly. The flavors were very strong in this pretzel and it was hard for my dad to not have more than one at a time!

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