Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fresh Direct Review

Fresh Direct is a popular grocery delivery service here in NYC. While I've never purchased my groceries from this company, I certainly wouldn't say no to having food delivered to my door! :)

About this company:
•We buy directly from the farms higher quality fresher food at lower prices everyday.

•Shop Buy Big department for bulk prizes and family packs at club store prices.

•Use FreshDirect's Smart Shopping Tools to save time and money. Try Quickshop feature to buy from your favorites and previous orders. You control exactly what you're spending before you spend it with our Budget Tracker.

•Save more every day, every week with up to 50% off deals on President's Picks.

•We offer more organic, all-natural and locally-produced foods than supermarkets.

•With over 600 meals, prepared fresh daily, feeding your family right has never been so easy.

•Savor over 85 chef-created 4 minute meals, all freshly made each day in our kitchen from recipes from the top chefs of Manhattans' finest restaurants.

•Our food experts rate all our produce and seafood every morning, so you'll always know what's the best and in season.

Fresh Direct has created a new line of frozen entrees. The meals are created by chef Tina Bourbeau, who has spent nearly two decades cooking in NYC kitchens alongsided top chefs. Now she brings her professional savvy to the FreshDirect Test Kitchen. Some of the meals are: Barbequed brisket with baked beans and jalapeno cheddar cornbread, bay scallops and vegetable risotto, mushroom and spinach lasagna, Sunday ham, Pesto Pasta Primavera and more. There is a meal for everyone's liking and taste palette.

I was allowed to choose two meals for review purposes. My boyfriend is a big lover of meat so of course I had to choose the beef brisket for him. For myself I chose the spinach and ricotta tortelloni. I had it for dinner tonight and it was excellent! I also received the meals in a nice zippered Fresh Direct cooler.

This meal consists of Spinach and ricotta filled pasta with tomatoes, spinach and a creamy four-cheese alfredo sauce of parmesean, emmental, gorgonzola, and goat cheese. The tortelloni's were fluffy and full of rich, amazing, flavorful cheese. I put the tortelloni's in a bowl so I could control what goes into the bowl because I didn't want all of the sauce on the pasta. I thought the cheese in the pasta was enough, and I didn't want excess cheese sauce too. I spooned a tiny bit in the bowl though. The sauce was creamy and very tasty. I really liked the tomatoes and the spinach. This meal was like something you could get at a restaurant! Everything was extremely fresh. I loved that it came from a frozen container in my freezer! The meal is not hard at all to prepare. Just pop it into your microwave for about 3 1/2 minutes, and you're ready to chow down! It smells heavenly too. I felt that for 530 calories you got a decent amount of food and is satisfying and filling.

My boyfriend's meal is the Southern-style bbq brisket. It comes with beef brisket with barbecue sauce, kale with berkshire bacon, baked beans, and jalapeno cheddar cornbread.

My boyfriend really liked the kale with the meat. He thought it was a good combination that went well together, and it had a great aroma. Upon first bite, he said "MM!" out loud. He really thought the flavor was great and the meat was tender. The cornbread is very soft and is not overly spicy. It's a good balance of cheese and jalapeno, both flavors don't outweigh each other. The bacon really adds a ton of flavor and life to this dish. My boyfriend thought everything went together very well. He says it's something he would definitely order at a BBQ restaurant, gladly.

Thanks Fresh Direct, you've delivered some great food to these satisfied stomachs!

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