Monday, September 20, 2010

Musselman's Review (Part 2)

As you all might remember, I did a review a few months ago of various Musselman apple sauce products. Every container of it was gone within a week and a half. It was delicious, and a healthy snack to boot!

I was contacted again to review some new flavors from their applesauce line, and was also asked to review their apple juice. Of course I said yes! I quickly had a UPS package at my door to enjoy. The flavors that I was sent were Heathy Pick's Granny Smith Apple and Totally Fruit Mixed Berry. I was also sent a magnetic fridge calendar and reusable Musselman branded tote bag.

About Healthy Picks:
Healthy Picks™ apple sauce has a burst of flavor and nutrition in every bite. This Healthy snack provides a good daily source of fiber and calcium as well as antioxidants from delicious “superfruits” like pomegranates, açaí berries and cupuaçu.

About Total Fruit:
Totally Fruit™ apple sauce has a natural fruit taste your family will love, with NO high fructose corn syrup, artificial colors or flavors, you’ll know it’s good for them.

About Musselman's Apple Juice:
A delicious blend of seasonal apples, Musselman’s Apple Juice contains 100% apple juice.

The applesauces were delicious and very fresh. They are best served chilled and the flavors were true to their names. You can taste bits of the fruit in each bite, and it's pure heaven. I like that this is a guilt free, healthy snack. You know you are making a great health choice by having one of these apple sauce cups. My favorite flavor was the Healthy Picks because it contained super fruits, which are important to represent in your diet. These snacks are great for the office, school, or just on the go.

I generously received 2 large bottles of apple juice. The apple flavor was very strong and instantly noticable. Some apple juices are masked by a strong taste of sugar, but this was not. This is 100% apple juice, so you know you are not drinking anything artifical. This juice was extremely refreshing and went down smooth. You know you are drinking only the finest and freshest apples with this juice.

With all of these sauces and juices, I'm appled out, but in a good way :)

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