Monday, September 13, 2010

Kodak M580 Camera Review

Taking pictures is something I enjoy immensely. If I go on vacation, to the local park, the beach, or even spending time with my friends and family I bring my camera. It's something that's practically always in my purse. I enjoy fiddling around with the different camera settings and taking some pictures in black and white, sepia, or regular color. I like the picture that I'm taking to have the correct amount of light to come out just perfect.

I have a Kodak 12 megapixel camera that I got recently in May. It's a pretty good camera and I haven't had any problems with it since I've had it. It has a very nice 5x zoon. It takes very clear and crisp pictures, and I enjoy using it very much.

I wanted to see what my pictures would look like with a higher-powered camera, so I contacted Kodak and they let me review the M580. It has 14 megapixels and an 8x zoom. Wow! This was going to be incredible, I thought.

Some information about the camera:

Picture this—you’re letting loose at a trendy hot spot with friends, snapping pictures so amazing you’ll want to share them online as soon as you get home. Any other camera would slow you down with tags, sorts, and uploads. But not the new KODAK EASYSHARE M580 Digital Camera. Kodak’s Share button allows you to tag pictures directly from your camera for e-mailing, or uploading to YouTube, FACEBOOK, FLICKR and KODAK Gallery sites, plus e-mail too. The real Kodak Moment happens when you share.

Capture stunning pictures in tight quarters or from far away

8X optical zoom and 28 mm wide-angle lens
•The 8X SCHNEIDER-KREUZNACH Optical Zoom Lens zooms in close for extraordinary details on faraway shots
•Capture dramatic shots in tight quarters or in front of spectacular landscapes with the 28 mm wide-angle lens
Image stabilization
•Reduce blur caused by subject movement or fast-action situations
•The camera automatically minimizes the effects of camera shake to deliver clearer, sharper pictures
Amazing quality prints with 14 megapixels
•14 MP means you can make stunning prints up to 30 × 40 in.
•More megapixels means you can crop and enlarge and still have great picture quality
•However you choose to print—at home, at retail, or online—trust Kodak for picture quality that’s truly exceptional and for memories that will last.

Kodak’s Face Recognition feature
•Find, organize, and share your pictures easily
•Camera automatically recognizes up to 20 pre-tagged faces so you can easily locate and share them later
•Recognizes up to five faces in a single image
•Name tags carry over to your favorite photo management software for easy searching
Relive moments and share pictures on the back of your camera
The 3.0 in. bright LCD features KODAK Color Science Technology for brighter, more vibrant details.

(Taken from website.)

The first thing that I noticed about this camera that it was not as light as mine. It was a little bit clunkier and heavy and wider too. I noticed the weight of it in my purse. I liked that the camera came in a range of different colors, so you can pick one that you like best. When I tried to use the camera for the first time, the pictures came out blurry. I fiddled around with the settings, and the pictures came out much better, actually amazingly clear. I noticed each time before I took a picture, I had to change the settings or else it would come out blurry. I don't know why this was. I also discovered there was a delay in processing before the picture would be displayed on the screen. I am not sure if my changing the settings caused this though, as it had to work harder?

The zoom was AWESOME on this camera. I took it to the beach with me and I was pretty far away from the water, and I zoomed into the water and took a picture. It looked like I was standing in the middle of the ocean with my camera! Wow!

The share application was something that I had used before, because it was on my own camera. I love this feature. It's so helpful with uploading your pictures quick and easily. Once you take a picture you can push the share button that is on the camera, and your pictures will go to either Kodak Gallery, Youtube, Facebook, Flickr, or your email! (You do have to set this feature up though.)

One thing that I really liked was the fact that you can edit and crop the pictures on the camera itself. Instead of waiting to upload them on the computer and editing them there, you can instantly crop out whatever you don't like as soon as you take the picture. This is a great feature. The camera also has lots of different helpful features (text, upclose, fireworks, lawn, beach, etc) There is a setting that certainly corresponds to whever you may be, so your picture will turn out the best it can look.

This is definately an amazing camera that takes gorgeous, professional looking pictures. I hope all of you get to experience the fabulousness that is the Kodak M580.

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