Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Fairytale Brownies Review (Part 2)

As you all might remember many months ago I did a review for Fairytale Brownies. They were SO delicious and I had some problems controlling myself from eating all of the scrumptious treats at once that were sent to me.

Fairytale Brownies is a company that offers delicious brownies in many different flavors, which are perfect for anniversaries, birthdays, housewarming gifts, etc. You really don't need an occasion to have brownies!

I contacted Fairytale again because they now offer cookies! To my delight, they said yes. They offer a dozen cookies in double chocolate and caramel pecan. I was anticipating the arrival of the cookies anxiously. Well today was the day! The UPS man brought me the white box which basically glowed with chocolate deliciousness. Too bad he didn't know what he's delivering :).

Here's a picture of the treats:

The cookies came very nicely and carefully packaged. I received 6 caramel pecan, and 6 double chocolate. Obviously I dove right in for the chocolate! Sometimes I wonder if instead of blood flowing through my body, I have liquid chocolate considering how much of it I eat! The chocolate cookie was delicious. It was moist, flavorful, and had just the right amount of firmness to it even though it was slightly chewy. It was certainly a great cookie. The caramel pecan cookie had just the right amount of sweetness to it, provided by the caramel. The pecan gave it just the right amount of crunch too. It was chewy as well. Mmm these cookies are certainly made for a big sweet tooth like mine!

1 comment :

  1. You lucky, girl.
    I hope that someday they offer you a Fairy Tale giveaway!
    One of our family members have had the brownies and loved them.
    Cookies are my weakness so I know I would love them.