Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Vacu Vin Review

I'm a big fan of kitchenware, and always like to try out new products. Vacu Vin graciously sent me 3 very cool products to try out.

I received a cheese grater, sandwich markers, and a napkin holder.

I think these products are really fun.

About the sandwich markers:
These are a set of 8 "Party People" markers that are great for parties. No longer will you misplace your fork or wonder which fork belongs to which person if you are using these snack markers. The shapes of the markers range in personalities of deep, curious, macho, naughty, cuddly, devilish, jolly, and mysterious. Give one fork to someone with the corresponding personality! I like that these are made in such fun, bright colors. I can't wait to use these the next time I have some friends over.

Cheese grater:
This cheese grater has a detachable reservoir which collects the grated cheese to allow easy pouring over food. This grater is so helpful. I have a standard box grater. When I use it, I end up with more cheese on the ground instead of in my baking dish. The box grater is big and bulky and my arm ends up hurting halfway through the grating process because it is so bulky. This very small grater is handheld and makes my life so much easier. It grates both hard and soft cheeses. Never again will I have to sweep up grated cheese off my floor because of my old ancient grater. I used this to grate cheese for pasta and it was a lifesaver. After I grated the block of cheese, I simply opened the reservoir of the tool and poured the cheese onto my pasta. So simple, with no problems at all. I love cooking tools that make my life easier.

Napkin holder:
Elegant look to an everyday item
Great addition to any dining room table
Keeps napkins from blowing away from the table at picnics
Great for garden parties and cookouts
Cylindrical weight rolls off of the top napkin when one is removed

This napkin holder is very unique and stylish, and unlike anything I've ever seen before. It's perfect for using outdoors, possibly for a summer BBQ. You won't have to worry about your napkins blowing away because the cylinadrical weight keeps them in place. This is great for just displaying on your kitchen table too. I like that one napkin is removed, the next one is easily available and you dont have to move the weight from each napkin to the next. It's a very creative idea.

I know these products will come in handy in my house.

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