Sunday, May 9, 2010 Review

I love slippers, whether it's hot or cold out. I don't always like my feet to be covered with socks, but I do like to wear slippers.
Brightfeet offers the coolest slippers! They offer small lights which are at the base of the slipper which are great for night time! There is no switch to turn them on or off. There is a place where the battery goes on the side of the slipper. They are "smart" slippers and turn on in the dark, and turn off in the light. This is to preserve the battery life, which is really helpful.

What is the story behind BrightFeet?
The idea for Brightfeet™ Lighted Slippers came from our founder and experienced inventor, Doug Vick, who after getting up in the middle of the night, bumped into the bedpost while making his way back to the bed. The next day, realizing there were probably millions of people who have done the same thing, he began to work on a product that would allow a person to get out of bed at night and easily and conveniently navigate “hands free” around a darkened house. A few days later the idea for Brightfeet™ was conceived.

Having patented several problem solving products that have been sold to millions of consumers in the U.S. and abroad, Brightfeet™ Lighted Slippers are not only one of his most original inventions, but perhaps his brightest idea yet!

I think these slippers are great! They emit enough light, that you can see but not so much where it is very bright. The slippers are comfortable and fit really well and come in various colors. They are for men and women. This is a great gift for anyone, really, especially if they are hard to buy for.

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  1. Clever idea but my first response was a laugh. :)