Sunday, May 9, 2010

Bob and Sheri 5.11 Review

I've been listening to Bob and Sheri for as long as I can remember. I grew up in North Carolina, and my mom would always have it on in the car in the mornings when she drove me to high school. I haven't lived in NC for 5 years now, but a few months ago I discovered that I could listen to their radio show through the internet! I was excited to hear the show again, and now I listen to it a few times a week.

Who exactly are Bob and Sheri?
The Bob and Sheri Show is a syndicated U.S. radio program hosted by Bob Lacey and Sheri Lynch at radio station WLNK in Charlotte, North Carolina. The show is owned by Greater Media and runs live on over 60 nationwide affiliates from 6 to 10 AM ET.
Bob Lacey and Sheri Lynch have co-hosted the show since 1992 when Bob, already established on WLNK's morning drive show, chose Sheri as co-host from over 65 applicants. The regulars on the Bob and Sheri show are Bob, Sheri, Max who is the show's recording engineer, Todd, the show's producer, and Lamar who is the people's movie critic.

Monday, May 11th Show Review
Bob and Sheri have such great chemistry together and their personalities click so well. They offer many funny radio show topics such as morons in the news, the chat room which is my favorite, and various other segments. The chatroom topi today was "do you fight dirty," meaning do you fight with a vengenance?" Bob and Sheri really care about what their callers have to say, and they find out as much of the details of this person's story as they can.

Bob and Sheri are known for divulging information from their personal lives and I really like that they do this. It makes you feel more connected to them, and helps you to relate. You may feel alone about something and you could call in to discuss it and they could express how they've felt that way about a certain issue or problem, or have dealt with it in their lives! These radio hosts always speak of up to date topics but rarely about politics. Celebrities, television, and movies are spoken about frequently.

Bob and Sheri is a great chat show to listen to. It always keeps you on your toes, keeps you entertained, and glued to your radio. You look forward to waking up to these radio personalities every morning!


  1. I LOVE Bob & Sheri. I listen to them every morning! Awesome Review ;)

  2. I agree with you 100%, Sammi! I have been listening to the show for many years as well. Now that I moved to St. Louis I have to listen to the show via podcast. I miss those days when all I had to do was set my alarm clock to the beginning of the show. It was great to wake up with a smile!

  3. Bob and Sheri are the greatest...i listen every chance i get which is often since i am usually up and taking my mom to her drs appts and when cant listen to them in the car i listen to them on my phone..their morons in the news and the chat room is great..and i think Sheri is wonderful for throwing Bob & Mary's wedding at her house...Bob i hope you and Mary have a wonderful life together and many many many yrs of wonderful happy years together....Keep up the good work Bob & Sheri

  4. I remember watching Bob on PM Magazine and following him to 107.9. I lived in Boone, NC at the time. I now live in Miami and I am so happy to be able download their show on my IPod. I listen to them all night, it blocks out the sound of snoring LOL. These two are great together and always put a happy smile on my face and a giggle in my tummy!!

  5. Love Bob and Sheri also...I think I've been listening for at least 10 years, they are the best!

  6. Bob and sheri suck... Just kidding. They're great and saved my life with their humor. Hope this is Bob's last marriage.