Friday, March 12, 2010

SweetlyYou Review

It's my favorite time again, I get to review beauty products!! This time it's from SweetlyYou.

What is SweetlyYou all about?
Create custom Bath & Body gifts for yourself or someone you know deserves it! Sweetly You has Scented Bath and Body products like Premium Lotion, Foaming Bath Butter, Sugar Scrub, Solid Perfume,and Dead Sea Bath Salts. Our unique Scents include Signature scents similar to Bath & Body Works, Victoria®s Secret and whatever else you can imagine.

Sweetly you sent me this delicious scrub. It smells great and exfoliates so well! I am a big fan of scrubs.
Essential Sugar Scrub, scented with the fragrance Beautiful combines soft cane sugar and Jojoba Beads in avocado and mineral oil and bees wax to provide extremely effective yet gentle exfoliation. Great for use on skin during the summer to show off a fresh glow and during the winter to keep your skin smooth and moisturized. Essential Sugar Scrub is the only Sweetly You bath and body product that contains mineral oil. The Essential Sugar Scrub makes a great companion with our luxurious Foaming Bath Butter or in any bath and body gift set . Buff some life into your tired skin today with Beautiful Essential Sugar Scrub

Next, I was sent bath salts.

Dead Sea Bath Salts turn an ordinary bath into a therapeutic mineral spa. Unlike most bath salts that are just table salt or refined (mineral content stripped) sea salts, Sweetly You Dead Sea Salts are 100% Natural. They have not been refined in any way, but were instead harvested from the Southern Shores of the Dead Sea in Israel where natural mineral content is at its highest. Dead Sea Salts have a unique composition of minerals not naturally found anywhere else in the world. This composition is why Dead Sea Salts have become famous for soothing sensitive or problematic skin, detoxifying the body and relaxing the mind. Also available in 4oz single use packs where you can enjoy a different fragrance with every bath. Turn your bath into a well deserved mini-spa tonight or treat a friend with a Dead Sea Salt Gift Set!

These bath salts are great! I love to take baths, and I added these to the bath and they made it very soothing and relaxing. The bath salts smell really great too!

Lastly, I was sent the delicious Creme Brulee bubble bath.
It smells like the real thing and is good enough to eat! It produced a lot of bubbles too!
Bathe your stresses away in a warm mountain of bubbles scented with the fragrance, Creme Brulee. Our Moisturizing Bubble Bath is specially formulated without SDS to provide you with a thick concentrate of bubbles that will actually leave your skin moisturized rather than feeling irritated and dry. This product is also available in a 4 oz size as well as in many of our bath & body gift baskets . Indulge yourself tonight with the Creme Brulee Moisturizing Bubble Bath!

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