Friday, March 12, 2010

GoSmile Review

I've tried many different teeth whitening products, but none seem to work well. I've had my teeth bleached and whitened professionally, but that is costly and isn't permanent. I do have to say that GoSmile is really great! Their line of products truly gets your teeth white and gives you that confidence to show off your pretty smile.

A little about Go Smile:
GO SMiLE's Two-Step Smile Program is the fast, easy, totally modern way to whiten your teeth and keep them white! Forget those messy, time-consuming, and uncomfortable strips and trays. The secret to a beautiful, hassle-free white smile is with our patented Ampoule Technology™ Delivery System.

Just Flip, Pop, Whiten with the Smile Whitening System. Then use our delicious, breath-freshening Touch Up® ampoules and aromatherapy-enriched AM and PM Toothpastes every day, to help keep your smile white!

Try our NEW Touch Up® Smile Perfecting Ampoules in delicious Fresh Mint, Watermelon Mint, and Green Apple flavors.

GoSmile sent me the Smile Whitening system.

Nothing makes a better impression than a sparkling, white smile. Whiten your teeth in just 7 days, with no trays, no strips, and – best of all – no sensitivity. Just apply and go, its beautifully simple! The secret is our patented Ampoule Technology™ delivery system, which is amazingly fast and easy to use.

This system is great! It's organized perfectly with AM and PM for morning and night use. The ampoules are very easy to use. You have to fip the fluid inside the ampoule over and squeeze until it "pops." You saturate the tip of the ampoule with the fluid and then in a circular motion you go over your teeth with it until it's all gone. It doesn't leave any sort of burning sensation that other whitening products have left me with in the past. It does leave a minty taste in your mouth, similiar to chewing a piece of spearmint gum. I've been using this system for a few days now and have actually noticed a slight difference in the whiteness of my teeth. I hope I achieve more results in the next few days!

I was also sent the luxury toothpaste sampler.
Beautify and care for your smile with GO SMiLE Luxury Fluoride Toothpastes. Our delicious aromatherapy blends are enriched with natural extracts that get you going in the morning, relax you at night, and brighten your smile every day. Specially formulated with hydrated silica and fluoride, these uniquely luscious toothpastes power through surface stains, fight cavities, and strengthen tooth enamel. Try all 3 flavors in this travel-friendly sampler!

I love the sampler size of these toothpastes. They come in a convienient box all together and they are cute and little. The flavors were AM (Energy), PM (Tranquility) and Lemonade Smile. All of the flavors left my teeth feeling very clean and well scrubbed. I love that these toothpastes power through surface stains, they fight cavities, and they also strengthen tooth enamel. What a win win! You can't get better than that combination. I really enjoy using these toothpastes and I know I will buy more when I run out.

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