Friday, February 2, 2024

Celebrate 80 Years of Pizzeria Uno With Their New England Contest!

Pizza is something that I never get tired of eating. It is one of America’s favorite foods and it’s easy to see why. Pizza is so versatile and you can always choose new topping profiles to keep your pizza yummy and interesting. I love bacon on my pizza as well as fresh mozzarella and eggplant too. Whether you like chicken and sausage pizza or pineapple and ham, pizza constantly is there for us and consistently delicious. There is nothing quite like deep dish pizza though, it is a culinary experience from start to finish. 

To celebrate Pizzeria UNO’s 80th birthday, they want to share the excitement with those who are from the New England.

States. If you live in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Maine or New Hampshire, get your fingers ready to type! Share your Pizzeria Uno stories and memories for a chance to win a paid trip for two to Chicago, IL to visit the original location! 

You can also have the chance to win a dining experience at the corner of Ohio and Wabash which is the birthplace of deep dish! 

Finally, you can win a two night’s stay in Chicago, which would certainly make anyone happy with free pizza for a year and Pizzeria Uno branded swag and apparel. Don’t forget to stop at UNO’s!

The most captivating story or stories will win. Maybe you got engaged at an UNO’s and you asked the server to hide the engagement ring inside the pizza before serving? Or did you celebrate every single birthday with family there with lasting memories of happiness? Whatever the case may be, make sure to share! 

You can enter on the website through their entry form, and the contest runs through February 29th. The winner announcement will be on March 15th. Click Here to enter!

This is a very exciting time for Pizzeria Uno and an opportunity to really connect with their New England fan base. 

I have gone to Pizzeria Uno for years and their deep dish pizzas are legendary. That crispy crunch of the thick crust paired with warm melty cheese and sauce is unlike any other. I like to pair my pizza with a tall glass of ice coke coke for the ultimate in satisfaction.

We plan to visit Pizzeria Uno in the coming weeks and I am extra excited this time, because Jack and Scarlett have never been. I hope that this visit solidifies their love for Pizzeria Uno’s and they can become a fan, just like their parents. 

Go ahead and enter the contest and see if you become a lucky winner. For extra inspiration having a deep dish pizza in front of you can’t hurt either!

*DISCLOSURE* This is a post in coordination with Pizzeria Uno. All thoughts are strictly my own. 

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