Tuesday, July 25, 2023

Handwritten Cards are Special

As a child, I remember feeling the annoyance of having to write a hand-written thank you card to a relative for a gift.  I didn't want to do it and it felt like such a chore.  As an adult, I'm glad my mom pushed me to do this and I can appreciate it now.  We do live in the age of technology where you can easily send a text or an email, but you can't deny a handwritten note is special and shows the person took the time to think of you. 

I definitely will have Scarlett send out thank you cards for gifts for her birthday and Hanukkah this year.  When Jack is old enough, I'll expect the same for him.  Picking out beautiful stationery to write on always makes me smile. I know Scarlett may want to draw a small picture on the thank you card too to add some flair.  You definitely can't do that over text or email!  Seeing someone's handwriting on paper is also special. 

Birthday cards are something I look forward to every year as well.  Seeing someone's birthday wishes and greetings for me is unbeatable.  I have many cards from family members and my husband that I save and treasure.  A birthday card in my opinion is just as important as the birthday gift itself.  Words are powerful and can really stick with you, especially when they're written down.  This birthday card service is helpful if you're short on time and want to send someone a birthday card but can't make it to the store on time. Also, if you want to wow someone with an extra special birthday card this year, here are some fun card ideas

There are also dozens of reasons to have to send a thank you card.  Whether you're sending them out to thank guests from a baby shower, a bridal shower, a birthday party, or whatever other special occasion, people will appreciate it.  Life is very busy for everyone and sometimes we don't always think about going the extra mile.  I know that I definitely appreciate opening the mailbox and seeing a hand-addressed envelope inside, especially when you'e not expecting it.  Who doesn't love getting something in the mail that isn't a bill too?

I'd say writing one or two thank you notes is doable for anyone over the course of a few days.  If you have a large number of people to thank it may be smart to have some help, plus it won't feel as overwhelming! 

Handwryten is an online service that uses custom-designed handwriting robots that hold real pens to write out the notes in the handwriting style of your choice.  Simply type your message on the website or app and then choose from the beautiful selection of cards.  You can even use your own stationery.  You're able to write whatever message you want, and the recipient will have no idea it wasn't written by your own hand.  Use that extra time to do whatever it is you need!

Whatever you do, make sure that handwritten cards do not become a thing of the past. 

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