Wednesday, May 17, 2023

Make Lunch Exciting with The Dearest Grey

With two children in school, it feels like my life is spent making lunches and snacks.  You'll constantly find me in the kitchen preparing lunches for the kiddos for the next day.  Whether I'm putting some leftover spaghetti and meatballs in my daughter's thermos, or making a turkey and cheese sandwich for my toddler, the lunches always have to be made! Whatever I decide to put in their lunchboxes, I always try to make sure it's something they'll enjoy.  You also wouldn't believe the number of snack requests I get per day too! I'm just a live-in cook basically. ;) 

Dearest Grey offers silicone bento boxes that will make packing lunch a breeze.  Gone are the days of multiple containers to wash or wasteful plastic ziploc bags to throw in the trash.  You'll enjoy the fact that everything can fit into one bento box which makes life so much easier.  Choose from mini or full-sized bento boxes which will be a game changer for lunches for the whole family.  They come in a range of colors depending on you or your child's preference.  Throw them in a lunchbox in a workbag or a backpack and you'll be good to go! 

I'd say the best part about the bento boxes is that they are freezer safe, microwave safe, and dishwasher (top rack only) safe. Close the top with the provided lid to ensure a fresh lunch whenever it's eaten. 

Since the bento boxes offer 3 different compartments, it really gives you a wide range of options to pack in it.  One side can have half a sandwich, while the other two hold a small salad and some fruit.  You can also pack cheese and crackers in one side, some chopped peppers in another, and then finish it off with a chicken and cheese wrap.  The food options are endless and the fun part is seeing all of the different combinations you can pack in the bento.  Go ahead and let your imagination fly! 

We received 3 mini bento boxes in Milk, Cloud, and Mellow Yellow colors.  The boxes are just so pretty! I love the smooth silicone and the perfectly fitting lid.  The inside is spacious and can truly hold a decent amount.

The mini bento boxes offer a box to have a smaller food portion in.  The possibilities are endless.  My 7 year old Scarlett loves snack boxes with a variety of items like chopped fruit, chopped peppers, chopped tomatoes, and crackers with cheese.  This box would be the perfect way to put everything at once together that she loves.  Oh, you can't forget sliced salami or some soppressata according to her! 

For my son, I'd adjust his slightly to be more toddler friendly, like cheese cubes and goldfish with some berries.  That would definitely appeal to him.

I can definitely see packing a little to-go charcuterie box to take with you to enjoy yumminess wherever you go, especially if you're an adult at work.  I'm thinking a few pieces of chocolate, some pretzels, pepperoni slices, and maybe some Babybel cheese? Yum! 

We're driving to Florida in a few weeks.  I'll surely be packing both kids a mini bento box to keep them occupied while we drive.  It will have to be non-perishable things since we'll be in the car. 

If you're going down the untraditional route for bento usage, the boxes can also hold small toys or cars.  Pack up a bento to take to Grandma's house to keep your son or daughter busy.  Little Peppa Pig figures or Matchbox cars would definitely make them happy.  

I'm very happy with the quality of the Dearest Grey bento boxes and have already found a place for them in the kitchen.  I can guarantee we'll be using them for some time to come.

*DISCLOSURE* Thank you to Dearest Grey for providing me with product samples in order to facilitate this post.  All thoughts are strictly my own.

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