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A Mother’s Day Gift Guide for Any Type Of Mother In Your Life

A Mother’s Day Gift Guide for Any Type Of Mother In Your Life

Find the perfect Mother’s Day gift for mom—no matter what her interests are


Mother’s Day is the perfect time to show your appreciation for the mother in your life. And with so many different interests and hobbies she may take part in, it can be tough to find a unique gift for her that shows your appreciation and also thoughtfully taps into her interests. 

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, it’s time to start scoping out gifts for the mothers in your life. No matter if she is the type of mom that takes photos of everything, doesn’t leave the house without jewelry, or is constantly finishing a good read, here are some Mother’s Day gift ideas the mom in your life is sure to love. 

For the Photographer Mother

Help mom put her favorite pictures on display this Mother’s Day


It’s so special to be able to take photos to look back on later down the road. From special events like birthday parties to life’s everyday moments and everything in between, photos are a great way to reflect on memories made over the years. Now, your mom may be a professional photographer, or maybe she’s just always taking pictures with her phone. Either way, here are some gift ideas for the mom who loves to take photos. 

Digital Picture Frame

Today, the convenience of having a camera on you basically 24/7 means that you can capture some of life’s most precious moments. Now, having those pictures on your phone is one thing, but looking at them and enjoying them is different. Because everything is in the cloud now, we have somewhat lost touch with printing out photos to put on display. 

Of course, we want to see all of our pictures out on display in our homes. Maybe you don’t have a lot of space in your home to display pictures. Maybe printing isn’t the most practical option for mom. In this case, a digital picture frame is a perfect gift for the mom who’s always taking pictures. 

Normally with a digital picture frame, all mom has to do is set up her picture frame, download an app, and upload her favorite pictures. Then, the picture frame will play a slideshow of her uploaded pictures throughout the day. 

Mom can easily change out and update pictures on the digital frame so that her favorites are always on display. Plus, many digital picture frames will allow mom to share access with her friends and family so they can update the pictures in her frame, too. 

Home Photo Printer

Now, maybe mom is a bit more traditional or enjoys a more tactile approach. In this case, an at-home photo printer may be a better option. 

An at-home photo printer is a great tool to have if mom is into scrapbooking or any other crafts that may need physical printouts of photos. It’s also a great option if mom likes to mail out photos to other family members. Now, instead of going to a photo center to pick up prints, mom can now print out her favorite pictures from the comfort of her own home. 

For the Jewelry Loving Mother

Invest in a quality piece of jewelry to add to your mom’s collection


Is the mom in your life the type to always wear jewelry no matter what she’s doing? From a night out on the town to running errands, does she always make sure to accessorize before leaving the house? If so, quality pieces of jewelry and jewelry accessories to go along with it are always a great option for Mother’s Day. 

Everyday Dainty Gold Ring

For a jewelry lover who is invested in taking care of their pieces, you can’t go wrong with a high-quality piece of jewelry to light up mom’s day this Mother’s Day. When you invest in quality pieces, mom will love your gift for a long time to come. Plus, she can even pass down her jewelry from generation to generation as a family heirloom. 

This year, a dainty gold ring is a perfect piece to add to mom’s collection. Dainty pieces are perfect for everyday wear, and mom can also pair her rings with other pieces in her collection to dress up her daily ring for special occasions. 

When shopping for a ring for mom this Mother’s Day, you want to be sure you are finding a quality piece to add to her collection. That’s why you may want to consider a company like Aurate. 

Aurate designs sustainable high-quality jewelry that’s worth the investment. All of the gold used in their jewelry is recycled from other pieces and any diamonds used are ethically sourced. Just because they are a sustainable company doesn’t mean that any quality is lost on its pieces. Everything is handmade and designed in New York City and properly tested to ensure that the jewelry you buy will last for a long time to come. 

With quality and sustainability at the forefront, you may assume that Aurate’s pieces will come with a sticker shock—but, you may be surprised to find out that the jewelry is actually fairly priced. Because of that, you can rest assured knowing that you got a quality piece of jewelry for a fair investment price. 

Ring Holders

Jewelry lovers always need more room to store, display, and organize their collections. A ring holder is a perfect gift to go along with a Mother’s Day ring. No matter if mom needs something to put her favorite rings on display or she needs something to organize all of her rings, there’s a ring holder out there that’s perfect for her. 

There are many different types of ring holders, all a little bit different from each other. Some of the most common ring holders are as follows:

  • Ring boxes

  • Ring pillows

  • Dishes and trays

With a bit of research and some browsing online, you can find the perfect ring holder for mom that matches her style and her needs. 

For the Active Mother

Switch up mom’s workout routine with new classes and workout sets


Some moms are always on the go no matter what. Like an energizer bunny, she can go from a 7 AM workout to taking care of the kids all day without a hitch in the road. If this sounds like the mom in your life, check out these Mother’s Day gifts she’s sure to love. 

Matching Workout Sets

A cute matching set can be a huge motivator for working out. Plus, matching sets are the perfect athleisure outfit to wear when running errands. So, a mom with an active lifestyle is sure to love a few new matching workout sets this Mother’s Day. 

The brands you shop at and the type of clothing you get for mom definitely depend on what type of lifestyle she has. If she is into more intense workouts, brands like Nike or Gymshark that have a more fitness-focused selection may be your best bet. If she’s into more casual, relaxed workouts, like yoga or walking, brands like Lululemon or Athleta that have more stretchy and flowy options are a better choice. No matter what type of workout mom enjoys most, a few new matching sets are sure to get her motivated for her next workout. 

Class Membership

Is the mom in your life thinking about starting to get into fitness classes? Well, a membership to a studio may just be the perfect gift. 

You may want to first look into your local fitness studios around you. Many studios offer monthly memberships, special deals for first-time, new members, or even discounted memberships if you opt for a membership for multiple months. This way, mom can try out some new classes to see if this is something she is interested in doing more frequently

Another option, too, is something like ClassPass. A membership with ClassPass gives mom a certain amount of monthly credits that she can use to take different classes at different studios. She may find a studio she likes and get a membership, or she can continue to take classes through ClassPass. She can also use credits towards wellness and beauty activities, like massages and facials. 

For the Book Lover Mother

Help mom organize and keep track of the books she reads this year


Book lovers can be tough to shop for, especially if you don’t know what’s next on their reading list. A book you think the mother in your life will like is always a nice option, but you can take your gift to the next level by finding her some accessories and other fun ways to enhance her hobby. 


Does mom have a pile of books that could use a bit of organization? Bookends are the perfect gift for booklovers with an overflowing stack of books. These can help mom keep her books organized while also acting as a piece of decor that lets her style shine through. 

There are plenty of unique bookends out there for you to choose from, which can range from minimalistic to over-the-top or decorative to sturdy. 

When looking for the perfect bookends for mom, consider the following:

  • Size and weight - Make sure you find a bookend that can support the size of books she has and fits the size of where she will put her books and bookends. 

  • Material and durability - While material often does boil down to preference, consider the impact of the bookend on the condition of the book. Some bookends tend to warp or damage books, so do your best to find bookends that will not only match her material preferences but also protect her books. 

  • Style - Sometimes bookends are made just for aesthetics. Sometimes bookends are made just for practicality. There are plenty of options out there that can balance function with style. 

Book-Tracking Journal

For the mom who is always reading, it can be difficult to keep track of all the books she’s conquered. A book-tracking journal is a perfect gift for the mom who always has a book in her hand and wants to keep a better record of what she’s reading. A book tracking journal can help mom reach her reading goals, keep a log of all the books she’s read, and analyze the books to help her remember details more clearly. 

There are tons of different options when it comes to finding a book-tracking journal for mom this Mother’s Day. When shopping around for the perfect book-tracking journal, think about the following:

  • Materials - Does she prefer to use digital or paper materials? Depending on her preferences, you may find apps or PDFs if she prefers to keep everything on a tablet or her phone, or you may want to find a paper journal in which she can log her reading journey. 

  • Tracking methods - What she may want to track can be the difference between a more comprehensive journal or something a bit more simple. There are book-tracking journals that have places to keep track of reading lists, log favorite book quotes, and even give challenges. 

  • Creativity and extensiveness - Book-tracking journals can be used as a creative outlet. But, if it’s too complicated, she may not use it at all. Find a good balance between creativity and how time-consuming it may be to log everything. 

No matter what the mother in your life is interested in, getting her a Mother’s Day gift that ties into her interests is a great way to show your appreciation this year. While most moms would be perfectly happy with a simple “Happy Mother’s Day,” take the opportunity to show the mom in your life you care.

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