Thursday, October 27, 2022

My Honest Review of My Life in a Book

Looking for a meaningful gift to give this holiday season? My Life in a Book could be just what you’re looking for! 

Last Christmas, I gave My Life in a Book to my mother, and it has become one of the best gifts I've ever given. 

My Life in a Book is a one-year Story Prompt Program that sends one question (or more) to a loved one once a week. When she finished a prompt, I received the copy in my inbox. It’s like having a year-long conversation with the person you care about the most.

How Does My Life in A Book Work?

The way it works is that you can either let the program send you their questions (which range from childhood to adulthood) or you can edit or write your own questions.  

Their questions are suitable for every type of person. Here are some that were sent to my mom: 

“How did you spend time in nature as a child?” or “What is one of the most difficult challenges you’ve faced?” - There are hundreds of questions in their database, making it very simple for us.

The result

Week after week, I learned so much about my mom’s life, including the fact that my great-grandfather died of a terrible disease that no one ever mentioned again.

After using the service for nearly a year, I can confidently say that My Life in a Book is the sentimental, feel-good gift to give this year, perfect for any birthday, anniversary, or, of course, the upcoming holiday. I became much closer to my mom, and this is priceless.

It brought previously unknown stories to our family’s attention. The keepsake book that arrives once you’re happy with the number of stories collected is a true keepsake that our entire family and future generations will treasure.

I asked her how she felt about the experiences, and she said, “It’s been a beautiful journey reminiscing about my stories during these months, and it feels great to have this book in my hands knowing that I’ve been the one who actually did it.” 

You can learn more about the Story Prompt Program of My Life in a Book on their website.

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