Tuesday, August 23, 2022

School is Approaching!

It's that time of year again! I am seeing kids on my social media channels going back to school practically daily. I do feel like the summer tends to fly by, like always.  Scarlett got out of school on June 17th and she goes back August 31st, which also happens to be my 9th wedding anniversary.  Jack starts his 3's preschool program on September 6th, so I have a little more time with him still.

We really tried to pack in the fun this summer and make it count.  Scarlett went to 6 weeks of camp, had many playdates, went to children's museums, had pool playdates, and much more.  Jack also went to camp and also had fun outings planned for him as well.  I feel that childhood goes by so fast, I try to make it as magical and special for my kids as possible.  

The school supplies have been bought and both of my kids have new school sneakers and fall clothes.  I am wishing them both a year full of fun and learning.  The same goes out to all the other parents who are reading this who are about to send their children off, or for those who just started the new year.  It's surely going to feel weird to get back into the school routine until we all adjust to it again!

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