Saturday, January 15, 2022

Disney On Ice Brings Family Fun to Webster Bank Arena #MickeysSearchParty

It's not everyday that I get the chance to take Scarlett to a live show especially just the two of us.  Since Scarlett has a 2 year old little brother, I know she thrives on one-on-one time with her parents.  When I found out that Disney on Ice was coming to Webster Bank Arena in Bridgeport, Connecticut, I knew it would be something that would be very special for her.  What child wouldn't love seeing their favorite Disney characters skating on ice? 

I remember going to Disney on Ice in the 1990's when I was a child.  Upon doing some research, I found out that the show initially began in 1981 under the name "World on Ice." Eventually, it was changed to today's recognizable Disney on Ice.  By 2008, a new show was launched every year.  It's wonderful that over 40 years of Disney magic has been brought to families around the world.  The show is usually hosted by Mickey Mouse primarily, but at times Minnie Mouse, Goofy, and Donald Duck help out too.  More recently, the series features segments about the Disney Princesses, Frozen, and even Moana.

Scarlett had never previously been to a live show before, so I knew it was going to be an exciting night out for us.  It's a hard time with covid these days especially, so any kind of fun I can give her is important to me.  I made sure not to watch any videos ahead of time of Disney on Ice shows or show her so the excitement wasn't spoiled.  The current Disney on Ice show is called "Mickey's Search Party" and is sure to bring a smile to any face.

We live about 45 minutes from Webster Bank Arena, so Scarlett and I got on the road way ahead of time factoring in Friday evening traffic.  Luckily, the traffic was very mild and we got to the arena quickly.  Once you get off I95, the arena is extremely close.  There are two parking areas to park in, one being a garage next door to the arena, and the other a parking lot across the street.  I am not sure about the fee for the lot, but the garage charges $10 a car.  

Once we parked, Scarlett and I had about 3 minutes to wait on-line before the doors opened at 6 PM sharp.  It was a very cold night, so it was great timing that we had such a minimal wait.  Once we were inside the arena, we had a little bit of time to kill.  There are vendors selling food and beverages such as hot dogs, fries, nachos, etc if you want to actually eat real food before or during the show.  If you're looking for small snacks you can sink your teeth into chips or some candy.   I will say the prices are a little high, but that's to be expected for a live show.   There are security and police everywhere in the arena which helped me to feel safe especially at night.  

Of course with food and drink comes merchandise for sale too.  I noticed plenty of vendors selling Disney related merchandise that every child was dying for! You can choose from Mickey light up bubble wands, Frozen stuffed animals, and other various Disney items to make your tiny tot smile.  I had sticker shock when I saw the prices of what was for sale.  I was not predicting the toys to be that expensive! Of course you can try to justify the cost and say this is a special night and you don't pay these kinds of prices everyday.

Scarlett chose a snowcone in a Moana souvenir cup which she was very excited over.  Once we got the snowcone, we sat down at our seats to relax and wait for the show to begin.  We had front row seats to the show and felt extremely lucky.  I have to say, if you can spring for front row tickets it's a fantastic option.  There's nothing or anyone blocking your view,  it's just you and the ice! I can't imagine anything more magical than that.  Mickey's Search Party allows you to join Mickey Mouse and his gang in searching for clues using Captain Hook's treasure map through realms involving stories such as Frozen, Aladdin, Beauty and The Beast, The Little Mermaid, Toy Story, and Moana and Coco.

When the show began, Scarlett was in awe.  She was captivated by the high-flying ice skating, the lights and music, and of course the acrobatics.  Whether you're 1 or 100, there's magic and joy in this show for any age.  The fun thing is that a lot of the Disney characters were ones I grew up with, so it was exciting to be able to share that bit of nostalgia with Scarlett.  You have to make sure you watch every inch of the ice rink as there's something happening everywhere! Maybe someone is being lifted high up into the air, maybe some sparks are being shot off, or just maybe someone is jumping on a trampoline! You just never know what you'll see!

I found that the ice skating was top notch.  The performers did many high flying jumps and tricks that I would be in the hospital if I tried to do! They are extremely talented and I love that they share their skills with the world.  Not once did I feel like the show was dragging or "slow", it offered excitement at every second.  Scarlett got a wave from one of the Coco performers when he stood right in front of her at the end of the Coco segment.  She was so excited! The performers make sure to wave and smile at all of the children which really helps to connect with the audience. The costumes were also right on point too.

There's a quick intermission for people to grab a quick snack or use the bathroom.  Workers come by selling popcorn and cotton candy during the intermission, as well as before the show too. 

We sat next to a couple who didn't have children with them, so it just goes to show that you don't have to be just a child to enjoy Disney! 

This is definitely a show that was thrilling from start to finish.  Once the show ended, I actually said out-loud, "it's over already?" I wish it could have been longer! 

If you have a chance to go to an upcoming or future Disney on Ice show, I highly recommend going.  It's something extremely special that you won't surely forget.  I hope that I was able to give Scarlett the gift of Disney magic which she will always remember.  One day, I'd also love to take Jack when he's older so he can also have this experience too.  

*DISCLOSURE* Thank you to Webster Bank Arena and Disney on Ice for providing complimentary tickets in order to facilitate this review.  All thoughts are strictly my own.  


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