Thursday, August 12, 2021

FeelinGirl’s Everyday Waist Trainer Search

When I have decided to go and buy my first waist trainer I have stumbled upon so many questions in my search and I had to read a lot before deciding what to choose. 

The main questions that crossed my mind during my search were: when and how to wear it, what effects it will have on my body, it will help me loose weight, it will be uncomfortable, it will be difficult to breathe while wearing it, it will be hard to exercise with a waist trainer with zipper and straps on? 

It wasn’t easy to find all of the answers I’ve wanted online and for this reason I want to put everything I’ve found out in this article, so that you will be able to find your way easier in your search for the perfect waist trainer.

What to have in mind when searching for a waist trainer

Before you go ahead and buy a waist trainer you need to know what are the main reasons for why you might want to buy the waist trainer: to stay in shape, to lose weight or to reshape your waist line and abdomen. You might also want to buy one out of curiosity. Now, if you find yourself among these reasons, then you definitely should look into acquiring a waist trainer with zipper and straps. I, for example, wanted to reshape my waist line and to have a flat abdomen and the solution was to buy a waist trainer from FeelinGirl. 

How to search for the perfect waist trainer

After deciding to buy the waist trainer, you also have to find where to buy it from and what type of waist trainer to choose. There are many online stores out there, but you have to find a reliable one, like FeelinGirl, specialized in selling only high quality body shapers. They have quite a wide range of waist trainers with various designs. You can chose a classic waist cincher with one or two adjustable straps or, if you want more support, you can go for a vest waist trainer. Remember, that it’s very important to go for fabrics such as latex or neoprene and to get the right size!

Can you wear the waist trainer everyday? 

This was my main question while searching for the best waist trainer and I wasn’t able to find a reliable answer. This is why I will share with you my experience. I was skeptical at the beginning and only wore the waist cincher for an hour a day. I was afraid that if I wear it more it will be too much, uncomfortable and will cause circulatory problems. I was surprised to see how good I’ve felt while wearing it, so I have increased gradually the number of hours and now I can wear it almost eight hours a day without a problem. 

So, yes, you can wear it everyday and I recommend it, because this way you will see the results showing up faster and you will have a smaller waist line and a flat abdomen. And don’t forget to wear a full body shaper whenever you are not wearing the waist cincher to keep your silhouette in the best shape possible. 

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