Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Make Your Tummy Say Yummy With Kookys N Cream Cookies!

The world would be a very boring place without baked goods.  Sweet treats warm the soul and make everyone happy.  Can you imagine living day-to-day without cookies, brownies, or even cupcakes? It would be horrifying. There's nothing like indulging in a fresh out of the oven cookie, or a perfectly warm and moist brownie. It's heavenly! If you're looking to make your stomach happy, go ahead and have a chocolate or peanut butter cookie today.  Don't forget an icy cold glass of milk to go with it either.

Kookys N Cream is a Michigan based bakery that offers the most delectable cookies that you've ever seen.  Forget the standard sugar cookie or chocolate cookie, these cookies are large and in charge.  Sink your teeth into flavors like Smore'Yo Kooky, Kooky candy bar, peanut butter, German chocolate and many others! These are not small cookies by any means but big enough to share or satisfy the biggest sweet tooth ever! Each cookie is packed with taste and flavor.  Did I mention there are even cookie sandwiches to make you say wow? Stop by the bakery in-person to see what Kookys N Cream has to offer, or place an online order for someone special.  You can choose certain cookie sampler boxes that have the flavors the recipient would love most.  

If you think the cookies were fantastic enough, Kookys N Cream also features delectable cookie cream.  This treat is a thick, rich, and chewy ice cream that is unlike anything else! With a 50% cookie to 50% ice cream ratio, it will definitely put a smile on your face.  

I loved looking at all of the cookies on the website, I couldn't wait until I could try them in person.  When my box arrived, I was ready to dig in! I received a variety of flavors including German chocolate, salted chocolate chip, Reese's galore Kooky, and a few more.  I couldn't get over how large the cookies were, an ideal sharing size for sure.

The cookies arrived in decent shape and were ready to be enjoyed.  The Reese's galore Kooky was calling my name and I indulged in that one first.  I must say that a little goes a long way with a cookie like this.  It's definitely not a cookie that I can finish in a single sitting, although I'm sure some could. The chocolate cookie was stuffed with creamy peanut butter filling and bursting with Reese's pieces on top.  What more could you want? I thought the chocolate vs. peanut butter ratio was great and both flavors were equally balanced.

My husband Jay enjoyed the salted chocolate chip cookie while Scarlett attacked the superman one.  This is an interesting cookie because it's made up of 3 different flavors; strawberry redpop, blue moon and lemon.  It caught her eye because it's rainbow which is right up her alley.  Scarlett really liked the cookie and it was certainly not an ordinary everyday cookie for her.

We're looking forward to trying the rest of the flavors and will be surely dedicating time to doing so.  The German chocolate sandwich cookie may be next on my list!

If you're looking to brighten a friend or family member's day, why not fill their mailbox with a package from Kookys N Cream today?

*DISCLOSURE* Thank you to Kookys N Cream for providing cookies in exchange for this post.  All thoughts are strictly my own. 

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