Tuesday, September 1, 2020

One Week Until Kindergarten

The thought of Kindergarten scares me slightly.  It's been heavy on my mind for a while now, and Scarlett starts in one week! For the first time in Scarlett's life, her day won't be centered around learning through play like in preschool.  She'll be expected to sit at a desk and learn valuable subjects and information beyond a preschool level.  Scarlett will have to write in sentences, retain essential information, and her performance and behavior will be graded. 

We had a Zoom with her new teacher this afternoon and it went well.  The teacher was in the classroom so we got to see the set up and learned valuable information about her day.  Scarlett will have to wear a mask most of the day except for a few mask breaks and at lunch. I will not be able to walk her into her classroom or even see it in person at all.  That one stings a little. There's so many rules to follow for the kids, I hope she does ok with it.  PE, art, and music will be brought to the classroom and nobody is to leave it.  We have the ClassDojo app which allows me to receive school news on my phone as well as message her teacher whenever I need to. Scarlett's progress and grades will be on there too. I'm so glad this was not around when I was in school! I would have hated my parents being able to check up on me whenever they wanted! 

What if she doesn't like Kindergarten? What if she's behind and not remembering what she should be? What if she isn't listening to the teacher? What if she can't adapt to being in "real" school since it will be harder than preschool? I have a laundry list of thoughts and concerns that are floating in my head.  All I can do is hope for the best.  The school day is long too and ends at almost 4 PM.  I know she'll come home either hungry or tired.  Plus, having to wear a mask and keep her distance from everyone isn't easy.  She's only 5! I just want her to have the best time and make friends.  

I'll have one child five days a week now since Scarlett will be in Kindergarten on a full-time basis.  I know Jack will enjoy the one-on-one without fighting for attention when his sister's around.  I am hoping to socialize him more since he hasn't been around too many kids because of covid. 

While I know that Kindergarten is a huge milestone, it would be nice if Scarlett could just stay little forever and never leave me. Why do they have to grow up? All I can do is wish Scarlett the best transition to elementary school possible, and I'll be waiting if she needs anything at all. 

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