Saturday, February 1, 2020

Facebook Marketplace is Every Bargain Lover's Dream

Lets face it, everyone loves a good deal no matter who they are.  Imagine walking into Target and Walmart everyday and everything is 50% off or more.  You'd be so thrilled and would quickly scoop up plenty of items I can guarantee.  That's how I feel about Facebook Marketplace.

If you're not familiar with Facebook Marketplace, it's where all bargain lovers unite.  The marketplace consists of everyone in your town and surrounding towns selling things they no longer need for low prices.  You can search by zipcode but it's available pretty much anywhere.  Choose from categories like electronics, housewares, home/garden, furniture, baby/kids, tools, and more.  It's like one big virtual garage sale (and let's not get started on my adoration for those!) 

Since we moved into a big house, we obviously need to fill the space.  While we've bought brand new furniture, it can get expensive.  Gently used furniture is just as good as long as it's in excellent condition.  Just this morning I purchased a coffee table and matching end table set from a seller who was only asking $100.  The set is in perfect shape from a major furniture company and if I bought it new it would have been hundreds of dollars! I feel happy to decorate my home for a fraction of the cost of what new furniture would be.  We also got a high end electric fireplace for $200 that was $500 new.  What could be better than saving money and getting what you need? Nothing! 

I've sold plenty of Scarlett's old clothes and toys on there, and it's a great way to get some quick cash and declutter. I find myself always browsing the children's section looking for anything Jack or Scarlett would enjoy.  When we were moving back in November, I sold plenty of housewares that we weren't planning on bringing with us to our new home.

You never know what each click will bring and it's important to express interest in buying the item as soon as you see it.  It could be gone as quick as you saw it!

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