Friday, January 10, 2020


One thing that I've been thinking about lately is Kindergarten.  For whatever reason, it's been on my mind a lot more than it usually is.  It may have to do with Scarlett being in her final year of preschool.  

As I've mentioned previously, Scarlett started preschool at 21 months old back in 2016.  It's honestly scary that she's in her fourth and final year of preschool.  How did four years pass so quickly? I remember she was barely speaking when she began school, now she has endless thoughts and opinions.  Usually, I'm all for new chapters of my children's lives whichever they may be, but this one I feel unusually nervous about.  

Scarlett is very fond of her school, her classmates, the curriculum, and of course the teachers.  She's very close to them and has known them for the past four years.  It's weird that in just less than six months all of it will be over.  It really will feel like the end of an era.  I've done the drive there multiple times every week now since 2016. We even live in a new town but continue to commute to the school because Scarlett loves it so much.  She knows that when school ends in June, she'll be going to Kindergarten.  We talk about it regularly and have pointed out her elementary school to her, which we live near.  

The thought of Kindergarten scares me slightly.  For the first time in Scarlett's life, her day won't be centered around learning through play.  She'll be expected to sit at a desk and learn valuable subjects and information beyond a preschool level.  Scarlett will have to write in sentences, retain essential information, and her performance and behavior will be graded.  What if she doesn't like Kindergarten? What if she's behind and not remembering what she should be? What if she isn't listening to the teacher? What if she can't adapt to being in "real" school since it will be harder? I have a laundry list of thoughts and concerns that are floating in my head.  All I can do is hope for the best.  The school day is long too.  I know she'll come home either hungry or tired.

I'll have one child five days a week now since Scarlett will be in Kindergarten on a full-time basis.  I know Jack will enjoy the one-on-one without fighting for attention when his sister's around.  I'm sure I'll take him to plenty of activities and library story time.  

While I know that Kindergarten is a huge milestone, it would be nice if Scarlett could just stay little forever and never leave me. Why do they have to grow up? All I can do is wish Scarlett the best transition to elementary school possible, and I'll be waiting if she needs anything at all. 

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