Saturday, September 7, 2019

The Versatility Of A Cheeseboard Is Perfect For Fall Entertaining

The season of Fall entertaining is upon us! There's nothing I enjoy more during the colder months of the year than serving delicious food to my friends and family. It's nice to get a little creative on what appetizers to serve your guests, especially if you feel like you're in a food rut.

A cheese board is always a crowd-pleasing favorite and the best part about is how versatile it is. There's no wrong way to make one and the best part is you can constantly change it every time you have guests over.  Whether you want to feature brie cheese with herb crackers paired with grapes and nuts, or smoked gouda with flatbread and smoked sausage, the possibilities are endless! Make sure you have a special serving tray or board to create your cheese board.  Your guests will absolutely love it.  

Since I have friends with children over a lot, I like to make sure my cheeseboards are both adult and kid friendly.  Scarlett loves grapes and cheddar cheese, as does most other children.  So when I do a combo cheeseboard, I like to make sure those two options are always there.  Shockingly, Scarlett enjoys sausage so I always have that on the cheese board too. 

If you're having a holiday party in the near future, a cheeseboard would look fabulous on the food table. Presentation is key, so make sure everything is spaced out nicely.  You can even get a little creative and do a meat and cheese tray featuring prosciutto, olives, salami, various cheeses, and of course fabulous crunchy crackers.  Feel free to get creative and make it your own to ensure your guests say wow! 

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