Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Pregnancy Update-Week 29

I haven't updated everyone on my pregnancy since February and a lot has changed!

Currently, I am 29 weeks and have a scheduled c-section on August 8th.  I had to have a c-section with Scarlett and it was not something that I'd want to go through again, but it's the safest route for the baby and myself.  Everyone has told me that a scheduled c-section is far easier than an emergency one and you're a lot more prepared.  I understand that but I am still nervous and anxious about it.  I'll be in the hospital for about 4 days and I've never been away from Scarlett for more than two nights her entire life.  She may do great without me, but I am concerned about it.  I'll miss her a lot but can't wait for her to come visit! I have family coming to help and she'll be in camp which makes things a bit easier.

My pregnancy with Scarlett went smoothly for the most part and I had no real concerns or worries.  This pregnancy is very different and has brought some major scares.  In the beginning, my NIPT test showed I tested positive for the baby having a major disease and I had to have an amniocentesis to rule it out completely.  Luckily, the amnio came back clear! The reason for the false positive was that we found out through a blood test that my husband is a carrier of having an extra piece of gene copy that doesn't affect his life, but triggered a false reading.  

The baby will also have this extra gene material but will be born perfectly healthy.  It's all pretty insane! Who would think you could have that inside you and be totally healthy? We had to go see a Maternal Fetal Medicine doctor who told us that we've had good luck so far with both of our children, but if we decided to have a third there could be some real issues.  Luckily, that won't be happening! 

I had to have a three hour glucose test yesterday since I failed my one hour.  Please cross your fingers that the test comes back negative for gestational diabetes! It would be very unfortunate to have to deal with that for the last 9 weeks of my pregnancy. 

Generally I feel well, but I have my days where I have less energy and my back really hurts.  I am still sleeping well and use a pregnancy pillow at night.  I only wake up to go to the bathroom once or twice which I consider not much.  My weight gain for this pregnancy is surprisingly low, but I am sure it's due to chasing after Scarlett all day! The doctor is not concerned so I am happy.  

My husband and I took Scarlett to a siblings tour at the hospital about two weeks ago.  She really enjoyed it and it was a great way to get her prepared for her new brother! The tour was provided by two labor and delivery nurses who answered the children's questions, showed them the nursery (Scarlett loved seeing the babies!), and the rooms were the parents would be staying.  One part that Scarlett really liked was getting to swaddle baby dolls in preparation for a real baby! This was certainly a fun way for her to get involved since her brother will be coming soon.

Unfortunately, we listed our house for sale again and it still didn't sell.  After many price reductions and open houses and showings, we were getting really frustrated.  We took it off the market and decided to stay temporarily.  Our plan is to have Scarlett finish preschool and then move to a town that's further north and offers lower house prices so we can buy a house that we truly love.  This means that the baby will be in our room which is not ideal, but there's nothing we can do.  He'll be sharing closet space with Scarlett and a drawer in her dresser.  The house already feels tight with 3 people and a dog living in it, I can't imagine what it'll feel like with a new baby and all the gear!

One thing I am concerned about is how Scarlett will do when the baby is here.  She seems excited and is interested, but you don't truly know how she'll do until the big day comes.  I feel sad that she won't be an only child anymore since she's had us to herself for the last 4.5 years.  The days of just picking up and going with one child will come to an end, and that will be a big adjustment.  I'll have to take two children everywhere and get used to a new normal for my family.  I've been done with bottles, diapers, and round-the-clock feedings for some time now, so it'll be interesting to be starting over again especially with the lack of sleep! Obviously, I am excited for Scarlett to have a sibling and someone to grow up with, I just feel a lot of guilt.  

I've explained to her that the baby will need me a lot more than she does right now.  She's a big girl and can do a lot for herself, but the baby can't.  I've mentioned that I'd love her help in feeding and changing the baby, and also playing with him.  I will try to involve her every way I can so she feels included and helpful.  What I've been told by others is that she could regress in various ways to show that she's not happy with all the attention being off her.  My husband and I are prepared if this does happen and we will work with her to make sure she doesn't feel that way.  I think it would be a great idea to spend one on one time with her whether it's when the baby is napping, or even if I take her out to the playground myself while my husband watches the baby.  I know that one-on-one time is vitally important!

We have all the major stuff ready for the baby including car seat and stroller, swing, all the clothes hung up in the closet, and even diapers and wipes ready.  The last thing to do is get the crib and changing table ordered and assembled and then we'll be good to go! I can't believe he'll be here in just about 9 weeks.  Time really does fly, huh?

My next update will be when the baby is here!

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