Wednesday, April 3, 2019

6 Ways to Live a Better Life

How often have you heard that you need to take care of your body? Our bodies are where we live our whole lives, it is only sensible that we prioritize them. You may have found the perfect mantra that works for you and you may have even optimized your life and found the perfect balance that you need to maintain for a healthy mind and body. But this sounds too perfect, doesn’t it? It is human nature that we are always striving for better things.

While different regimes work for different people, it is important that you find your place in your mind where you feel at peace. Sounds too spiritual? The fact is that if you are in good mental health, you’ll put your best foot forward too.
In our busy lives, we forget that we are made up of mind and body. Just like it’s important to take care of the body, it is important to take care of the mind too. Here are a few very basic steps that you can follow to keep your body and mind young for longer.
1. Yoga
The world is now embracing yoga and its benefits. Yoga cleanses the body inside out and regulates breathing. It is a holistic way of keeping your body well-oiled and in perfect shape. If you think that yoga is easy, think again. It takes years to master.
The twists and positions in yoga regulate the flow of blood and oxygen to every part of the body. Most of us don’t breathe accurately. You learn the correct techniques to breathe when you start practicing yoga.
Just like you have gym days that target specific body parts, yoga positions target specific body parts too. There are specific breathing techniques that improve the flow of the lymphatic system. Similarly, there are positions that improve the other systems in the body like the digestive system. Yoga helps your body
to improve your digestive system apart from the regular measures you’re already taking like nutrient supplements and changes in the diet.
2. Meditation
Now that we’ve talked about yoga, meditation is another goldmine that the world is now discovering. Like yoga is for the body, meditation is for the mind. Studies have shown that people who have meditated for years, experience a change in their brains. The amygdala which is responsible for stress and tension reduces significantly in size which reduces general stress.
Meditation helps you to calm your mind and have a few moments to yourself out of your busy schedule.
3. Mindfulness
Nowadays, everyone is stressing on mindfulness which means keeping your mind from wandering to other places while you’re in the middle of something. It reduces anxiety and lets you experience every situation in life to the fullest. It keeps you in the moment and gives you a presence of mind. A good presence of mind takes you through the problems in life seamlessly and improves the quality of life. You will start seeing life in a new light.
4. Savor every moment

When you live in the moment with mindfulness you savor every moment. The secret to going through a good life is when you have memories to cherish and people to share them with. Even if you don’t like to hang out with too many people, you must still make memories and click lots of pictures so you can chronicle your life later. Do what makes you happy and give yourself the time to feel every emotion. Savor even the sad moments because this is what it means to live a complete life.
5. Listen to your body
Be friends with your body. Maybe it’s trying to tell you something. If you sit down and meditate everyday you’ll realize and notice little things about your body that may be symptoms for certain things you need to change in your lifestyle. Do you get frequent aches and pains? You may have a deficiency. Do you have difficulty moving around? You may need to change your exercise patterns. Be mindful of every little indication your body gives you and breeze through life.
6. Slow down
If you are the kind of person who feels the need to be on their feet all the time, it’s time to slow down and connect with yourself. Introspection and self-analysis play a big role in shaping you as a person and eventually your happiness. Take an hour out from your daily routine and just relax. Get to know yourself. You are a person too. Connect with yourself.

There is no happiness in hurrying through life. Take time for yourself and give yourself enough time to do everything rather than run a race to multitask.

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