Friday, February 1, 2019

Adding a 2nd Child to The Mix

It's been close to 8 weeks now since I found out that Scarlett will be getting a sibling.  Initially we thought that we'd be a one child family after some issues, but it seems like this second child was meant to be! 

After I went to the doctor for the first time and the baby looked good on the ultrasound, we decided to tell Scarlett the big news.  At first she wasn't too thrilled, but eventually warmed up to the idea.  I try to talk to her everyday about the baby so she doesn't forget, and we ask her thoughts and opinions on many things regarding the baby.  It's important to me to have her included so she feels special and knows what she has to say is considered.  We've gone shopping to buy a few things for the baby so far and she picked out a muselin blanket and rattle set and a stuffed polar bear.  She said the baby will love it!

Since I've been a stay-at-home-mom to Scarlett for over four years now, I'm used to it just being me and her.  It's so easy to just have her put her jacket on and get into the car and go to the trampoline park or head to Chick-Fil-A for lunch.  Our time together is undivided and interrupted since it's just us.  I know it'll be strange to have her split her time between me and her new sibling when the time comes.  We're also very close since we spend so much time together.  I hope she will have minimal or no issues adjusting to the new little person in her life.  If she does, my husband and I are here to help her.

It's been four years since I've had a newborn.  When I stop to think about it, I feel like I don't remember how to take care of a newborn like I did when I was in the prime newborn stage.  I've been told that everything comes back to me, and not to worry.  Also, any questions I have I can ask my pediatrician or the nurses when I'm in the hospital.  Obviously, I like to be prepared ahead of time though. I'll surely have to get used to a new normal when the baby eats every 2-3 hours around the clock.  I hope Scarlett will be able to help me and bring me things for the baby when needed.  The 4.5 year age gap will hopefully be easy in terms of taking care of her and a newborn.

I'm lucky that I've had an easy pregnancy so far.  I am not sick at all, but had slight nausea in the beginning.  I have energy and only get tired occasionally.  Since Scarlett is so active, it would be difficult if I wasn't able to keep up with her everyday.  I've shown her ultrasound pictures to keep her informed every step of the way.  It's hard for her to understand time, and she will sometimes ask "is the baby coming today?" I say no, not for many months! She knows the baby is coming in the summer, when it's hot outside.  I'm sure it seems like light years away for her! 

One thing that I can't wait to see is how Scarlett is with her sibling.  I hope they will be close and will be excited to be a big sister.  Since I am an only child, I truly always wanted my child to have a sibling so they could grow up with someone else.  I'm sure Scarlett will want to show the baby her toys, her stuffed animals, and teach them many things along the way.

I am very looking forward to when the baby is born and having a new little love in my life.  All of the firsts and what's to come is very exciting! Only 6 months to go. :) 

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