Saturday, November 17, 2018

My Fairy Garden Offers a Fun and Exciting Activity for Kids #HolidayGiftGuide

One large interest that Scarlett has that I don't is her love of the outdoors.  She could spend all day playing outside, collecting leaves, and just enjoying mother nature.  I don't share her great love of the outdoors although I do encourage it! Children need as much outdoor time as possible, especially during the warmer months of the years.  I think it's excellent for children to be connected to nature and learn all about various types of nature.

My Fairy Garden brings outdoor growing to the comfort of your own home.  Since it's Fall here in New England, it's hard to have an outdoor garden because it's cold.  This magical fairy garden is the first of its kind, it's a toy that's also a real live garden that can be maintained in the comfort of your own home! Children will be amazed at the opportunity to grow their own garden first hand.  They can plant the included organic seeds in the soil and care for the garden all while setting up and playing with the fairies, woodland friends, and accessories.  The magical cottage includes everything you need to make it a gift that a child won't soon forget! Switch up the fairies and friends to make the garden truly your own.  Your little ones will love checking on the garden and seeing the progress its made each day.  Don't forget to give it a lot of sunlight and water too.

I can guarantee any young child would flip if they saw this under the Christmas tree on Christmas morning.  This toy is not only a wonderful bonding activity with a parent or family member, but it offers the advantage of learning too. You can teach your child about gardening and taking care of a garden all while they have fun. 

When My Fairy Garden Windmill Terrace arrived, Scarlett was very eager to open it and get started. It arrived on a Saturday afternoon and provided the perfect afternoon activity for us to do together. Once you unbox the garden, it's very simple to put everything together.  The main plastic base is where everything is housed. There's sections for the gardening tools to be stored, as well as a place for the windmill and water wheel.  The Windmill Terrace is the first fairy garden with solar power. When exposed to sunlight, the windmill will turn using solar energy-like magic.  Add water to the pond and press the pump to make the water wheel turn and circular water.  Saffron the Fairy and her swans Beau and Grace are also included for a fun play experience.

Once everything is set up, the circular discs of dirt need to be submerged in water for 30 minutes. When time is up, the dirt is ready to be put back into the main base and then can be fluffed with a gardening tool.  Scarlett really enjoyed helping to put the dirt inside, but what child doesn't enjoy playing in the dirt? 

I let Scarlett sprinkle the seeds all throughout the dirt and ensured that she pressed them down firmly. As we worked on the garden, I used the opportunity to teach her about gardening and how flowers, plants, and vegetables can be grown from seeds, just like the ones she planted.  Of course I told her that sunlight and water is very important in the growing process.

In the next few days, I'd like to add some pretty stones or other small decor that would make the garden even more magical.  We'll probably go to the pet store and get pretty rocks that are meant for a fish tank, or something along those lines. For the moment, she has the two swans, a dog, and a cow in the garden.

I put the Fairy Garden on a countertop facing a window to make sure it has direct sunlight.  Scarlett is in charge of watering it daily to make the plants grow.  She also loved the fact that the windmill was solar powered, she couldn't believe that sun powered the windmill.  I think she thought I was making it up, because she had never heard of solar power before.  Scarlett was learning through play which makes me one happy mom.

The fairy is connected to a wire that secures into the base which makes the fairy look like she's flying. Combined with the two included swans, it really reinforced the element of play.  The fairy can easily be unhooked to play inside the main garden house where she can look out the window into the world around her.  Scarlett says the swans are happiest playing in the dirt.  Since the base is so large, your child can easily add any other figures or animals of their choosing.  Let the creativity fly!

I know Scarlett is eagerly awaiting the first sign of growth and will hopefully be able to be a bit patient! I told her it won't happen overnight but we will check each day.  She feels like such a big girl to be responsible for her garden and I like that she's taking her job seriously.

Scarlett is thrilled with her new Fairy Garden and I can guarantee any young child would be just as equally thrilled.  This would also be an ideal Christmas present for the child who has it all too. Happy gardening!

*DISCLOSURE* Thank you to PlayMonster for providing a product sample in order to facilitate this post.  All thoughts are strictly my own.  

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