Thursday, October 11, 2018

4 Foods You Should Eat Before Bed Time for Better Sleep

There are plenty of ways to improve sleep, starting with the best mattress and ending with gently scented candles and the wonderful sound of whales singing. However, some specialists say we don’t need to go through that much trouble for a good night’s sleep.

Sometimes, all you need is just the right food and a comfortable bed. So, today I will tell you about the best foods to eat when you want to crawl under the blankets and fall sound asleep. Still, keep in mind that it’s not recommended to go to bed with a full tummy (the last meal should be with two or three hours before sleep time and should not be large).

#1: Bananas

Usually consumed with half an hour before a workout or when your stomach hurts, bananas are also great at inducing sleep because of their high magnesium content. Magnesium relaxes the muscles so you’ll feel a wonderful sensation of inner peace as soon as the head hits the pillow.

Furthermore, bananas also contain melatonin and serotonin, two chemicals which induce sleep. Still, make sure to not eat too many, especially if they’re ripe! You may get a sugar rush!

#2: Honey

This sweet nectar is a miracle substance, and has so many applications in self-care and health, that it’s a wonder not everyone uses it! So, if you have some honey in the house, get a teaspoon before bed – it stimulates the release of melatonin and shuts off orexin (a chemical that keeps you alert), paving the path towards beautiful dreams.

#3: Cherries

These wonderful fruits of summer are among the few natural foods to contain melatonin (just like bananas) so you should not ignore them if you want a good nights’ sleep. You can consume them as is or as a tart, but it’s important to not eat too much. Cherries are also rich in fructose, which is a type of sugar and may have the opposite effect if you eat too many cherries right before bed. 

#4: Milk

We all know that a glass of warm milk before bed makes the sleep come faster, but we don’t really know why. It seems that milk contains tryptophan, which is a precursor to serotonin. However, the veracity of milk’s sleep-inducing powers are on a debate as some scientists say it’s not that effective. 

Regardless, some people can swear by it so you should give a try.  You can even add in a teaspoon of honey, if you want to make it even more delicious. Also, if you’re lactose intolerant, you can replace it with soy milk or any other type of milk you can tolerate. 

In Conclusion

As you can see, all the foods recommended are natural, so no fats or crispy chips are recommended before bed. But as we said before, it’s not just the food that helps you sleep; it’s also the mattress. For instance, Kamil from said that, if the bed doesn’t fit your needs as a sleeper, it doesn’t really matter what you do to sleep better – you won’t be able to. 

So, before you go raiding the fridge, have a look at your bed; is it everything you need? It supports your back and keeps the surface fluffy? If not, maybe it’s time to think about a replacement.

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