Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Wicked Uncle Offers Fantastic Toys for Every Age

Now that Scarlett is 3.5, her fun personality really shines through.  She enjoys so many things from singing and dancing to drawing and being silly.  Everyday is always an adventure with her! It's exciting to see how she grows and changes all the time and develops new interests.  Long gone are the days of baby toys and rattles, we've moved onto magnatiles, play-doh, and baby dolls.  Toys are a big deal in our house and Scarlett seems to always want to add new ones to her toybox!

Wicked Uncle offers wonderful toys for boys and girls of all ages.  Whether your 3 year old daughter wants magnetic wooden dress up princesses, or your 9 year old son wants a solar robot kit, they have it all! From preschool toys all the way up to complex building kits, you'll be able to browse a multitude of toys.  The categories are based on a child's preferences like snuggly, outdoorsy, adventurous, and more.

The toys are unique and not what you'd find in a typical store.  Parents also will enjoy that some of the items are educational.  I'm sure you'd be able to instantly find a few things to give a lucky boy or girl for Christmas or their birthday.  Keep the company in mind for all of your future gift-giving needs for children.

I chose the Magnetic Wooden Dress Up Dolls and the Wow and Wonder Science Set for my tiny tot.  Scarlett loves the idea of dress up for herself and her dolls, so I knew she'd jump at the opportunity to put clothes and accessories on magnetic dolls.  The science set disguises teaching with fun, it's always important for children to be exposed to a new subject.

The science kit is an interactive 24 piece set that is meant for ages 3 and up.  There are included cards that show and explain what experiments your child can do with easy to understand steps.  I think the set would be perfect for indoor fun when Fall rolls around and it starts to get chilly outside.  Your little one will love the rose colored glasses which allow them to see the world in various colors, as well as the bubble experiment. 

Scarlett immediately wanted to put on the rose colored glasses and said "I see yellow!" I wonder what life would be like if everything was truly only yellow? The included large magnet is a unique way for your child to see what is magnetic or not.  I let Scarlett put a coin on the magnet, a a plastic pig, another magnet, and a piece of paper to see what would stick and what wouldn't.  I used that as an opportunity to teach her about how magnets work.

I like that the kit is truly meant for young children and won't go over their heads.  Some kits that are meant for certain age ranges seem more advanced than they should be.  This is a simple, easy, and fun way for children to be introduced to science on their level.

The magnetic wooden dolls set for ages 3+ comes with two quality made wooded figures with stands.  Each side of the two figures has a different design for your child to dress.  Let your daughter develop her fashionista skills as she dresses up the models with the collection of magnetic clothes and accessories.  Everything stays contained in a handy travel set with handle that allows you to keep all 60 pieces together.

Scarlett's had magnetic dolls before but not as high quality as this set.  I love how well made the wooden dolls are and how securely they stand.  They don't easily fall over when you're dressing them due to their weight.  The set has many different bows, dresses, shirts, and pants.  Scarlett loved all the included hair bows because she always wears a bow in her hair.  She enjoyed the fact that her wooden doll could too.  All of the clothing and accessories are brightly colored and really attract young children.

As soon as I put this toy out for her to play with, Scarlett put her fashionista hat right on.  She excitedly told me that one doll had to wear a pink dress with a flower in her hair because it's cute! The large pieces were easy for her small hands to hold with no issue.  It was fun to hear the reasonings behind the choices she made for the doll's outfits.  I even had fun playing with the set with her and dressing the dolls up! Mother-daughter bonding time is always on my agenda.

Since the set comes in a portable bag, your child can easily take it with them on road trips or on the plane.  The bag also keeps everything contained so no pieces will be lost.  We have a few trips coming up for the remainder of this year, and I'm always looking for new and entertaining things to take with us in the car and on the plane for her.  These dolls definitely fit the bill! The travel bag can easily be put inside a suitcase or tote bag to play with when you reach your destination.

We're very happy with both selections from Wicked Uncle and will surely be buying more from them in the future, especially with Scarlett's birthday coming up.  If you're looking for toys, Wicked Uncle is the perfect place to shop for all children!

*DISCLOSURE* Thank you to Wicked Uncle for providing product samples in order to facilitate this post.  All thoughts are strictly my own. 

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