Thursday, August 16, 2018

Tips For Making School Mornings Easier

As I scroll through my Facebook feed, I'm seeing more and more children going back to school on a daily basis.  Whether your child is starting kindergarten or their senior year of high school, every parent can agree that getting ready in the morning can be hectic.

Scarlett is starting her third year of preschool in a little less than 3 weeks.  Her preschool starts at 9 AM, which may seem like there's endless time in the morning, but there's not as much as you think! I have to get her ready and also get myself showered and ready for the day, and leave by 8:45 AM.  

This list will allow you to have ample time in the morning to ensure you can get ready as well as your child.  There's nothing like rushing around knowing your child has to get on the bus at a certain time, and you have to get to work.

1.  Pack lunches the night before.  This is truly a necessity.  When you have the time to focus, you can make sure you're packing what you want your child to have.  There's no scrambling in the morning quickly spreading peanut butter and jelly on some bread your son hates.   I always pack Scarlett's lunches for school the night before and get her thoughts on what she'd like to eat.

2. Lay clothes out the night before.  If you have a child like my daughter, then you can relate to them not always wanting to wear certain things.  For those who do have young children and you try to pick out their clothes for them, they may or may not like what you choose.  It's easier to have them lay out the clothes they pick before bed, so they can wake up in the morning and not waste time trying to choose an outfit.  Let's just hope they don't change their minds in the morning! You can even put their shoes by the door so they can slip them on before they walk out the door.  

3. Sign and review all paperwork at night.  I'm not at the stage of schooling where my daughter comes home with a lot of paperwork and announcements for me yet.  That will happen in time.  I do remember bringing home papers for my mom to sign and send back.  Make sure you remind your child to show you anything that is urgent and needs attention.  The last thing you want to do is not give back a permission slip for a field trip and the deadline has passed! 

4.  Make breakfast in advance.  Weekend mornings are more leisurely and I have ample time to prepare beautiful breakfasts.  Once Scarlett goes to bed for the night, I may make from-scratch pancakes in advance for her to heat up in the morning to have with milk and fruit.  Usually I'm creative and add things like sliced strawberries and coconut.  Occasionally, I'll toss peanut butter and chocolate chips into the batter if I want her to have a more fun breakfast.  Frozen waffles and cereal get old after a while and it's nice to have a yummy breakfast to start the day with.  You can easily make egg cups in muffin tins filled with cheese, veggies, bacon, and anything else you'd like to put in.  They reheat well and can be tailored to any child's tastes.  I like to make those as well. 

5. Get the backpack ready before bed.  There's nothing like looking for a specific book or folder when you're running late for school.  Before your child goes to bed, make sure their backpack is ready for the following day.  Ensure all homework is completed and put back into the folders/binders they belong in.  Sharpen pencils and put all pens/highlighters back into the pencil pouch.  It's easier to put papers and books away as soon as you're done with them, rather than leaving them out.  Once your backpack is ready, place it by the door so you can grab it in the morning.  

I hope these tips help your child to have a happy and successful school year! 

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