Thursday, July 5, 2018

Accepting a Child is Growing Up

Just a few months ago, we got Scarlett a Frozen bike with training wheels.  It's her first real bike and I definitely consider it a childhood milestone.  She was thrilled to receive it and we immediately went outside and I began trying to teach her how to ride it.  Scarlett doesn't need as much help with it anymore and is doing better every day.  As I was outside with her earlier when she was on her bike, it dawned on me how independent she is these days. Time is flying by and it's honestly scary.

At the end of the year Scarlett will be turning four.  FOUR! FOUR! I can't believe it.  For whatever reason, this number makes me sad.  The baby years are fleeting and the true "big girl" years are here.  As each month passes, she needs me less and less.  She'll always need me in different ways, but she does a lot for herself now.  While I love how independent she is and how she has her own voice and opinions, it's sometimes hard to accept.  I don't think I am having another child, so I won't get to experience all those firsts that I did with her with another child.

Scarlett goes to summer camp by herself, she rides rides by herself, she's fearless at the playground, and the list could go on and on.  Sometimes I find myself trying to help her out of habit by putting her shoes on.  She tells me "no mom, I can do it myself." You're snapped back to reality and then suddenly remember that you're living with Miss Independent.

I am happy that she is thriving and growing and where she should be developmentally.  It would be nice if time would slow down just a little though!

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