Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Get Ready for Summer Fashion

Hottest Summer Style Predictions of 2018

Summer fashion trends give a breath of fresh air to wardrobe updates as the world embraces the heat and sun of the season. Every aspect of design plays a role in whether a piece is hot or not. Wholesale shades sunglasses designers and fashion gurus try to match their work to the elements that analysts say will be more popular. Here are some of their predictions for the summer of 2018.


Both bold and soft colors make their mark on this season’s favorites. Bright primary and secondary colors – blue, red, yellow, and green – permeate the runways. On the flip side, pastels are showing up in a lot of the latest fashions. Yellow cream and lilac may be seen separately or paired in one ensemble, gracing the summer with a delicate touch.


For this summer, it is a good idea to think inside the box. Checked or boxy patterns seem to dominate many styles. The classic summer gingham is in fashion again this year, but there is also evidence that larger box patters are emerging. Also trending are the bright colors and swirled prints of South Beach fashion. When you buy retro glasses wholesale, you can get style and colors to go with every outfit.


Just as pastels soften the colors of summer, the puffed sleeve is making a comeback to infuse a bit of sweetness in your closet. This style embraces the romance and intrigue of summer. For the executive who may be looking for a way to stay cool in the summer but still remain professional, power shorts turn the traditional pantsuit into an ensemble fit for the boardroom. 

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