Saturday, April 7, 2018

Scarlett's A Mini Fashionista

You know how some children don't care what they wear no matter what it is? Yeah, I wish I knew what that was like!

Recently, Scarlett has a huge opinion on her clothes and it's been harder to get her dressed these days.  Heaven forbid that I offer her the wrong pair of pants or shirt, she will tell me it's ugly and cry! It's almost as ridiculous as it sounds, truly.  She seems to gravitate more towards shirts that have a ruffle on the bottom, or what she calls a "tutu." Not everything is available with a ruffle on it! 

This is a new challenge I'm struggling with and I hope it passes quickly.  At bedtime, I usually have Scarlett pick out her clothes for the following morning.  If she is unsure of what to choose, I give two options to make it easier.  Please note the keyword "easier", but in reality she sometimes doesn't like either choice!  If I force her to choose one, she ends up very upset and I don't feel that it's fair to make her wear something she really dislikes.  She finally will settle on something and by that point I feel like I survived a war.

I'm worried about the summer clothes I bought for her as she's already deemed a few things I've showed her unacceptable.  Wonderful! Last summer she wore whatever I dressed her in without a peep.  Can we go back to that time?

Anybody else have fashion struggles with their children?

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