Thursday, April 12, 2018

Play Smart Work Books Are A Wonderful Educational Tool For Children

Since Scarlett started preschool in September 2016, she's learned far beyond the basics of colors, shapes, and numbers.  My tiny tot knows about the weather, plants and animals, and much more.  It's always interesting to see what's on the school's weekly agenda for the children to be taught.  Scarlett loves school and shocks me with what she knows that I had no clue about!

Play Smart Workbooks are time-tested and kid-approved in Japan, and now they're award-winners in the US!  The workbooks are geared for ages 2, 3, and 4 and offer children the chance to learn while having fun.  Older children can focus on vocabulary building, math, pre-reading skills, fine motor skills, decision making, and more.  Younger tots can benefit from problem solving skills, picture puzzles, and color and shape pictures just to name a few.

Whether your child is in preschool or not, these books are a wonderful resource to keep at home to reinforce what is taught at school.  Any of these titles would make ideal educational gifts for children for any occasion.  It's never too late or too early to learn!

Scarlett was sent five workbooks that all focused on different skill areas.  The workbook for ages 4+ featured mazes, connect the dots, drawing and coloring.  Three workbooks geared towards ages 3+ highlighted picture puzzles, matching games, art projects, drawing, cutting, counting games, and mazes! Lastly, one workbook for ages 2+ was included that was on a more simple level.

I was thrilled at everything she received because learning at an early age is important to my husband and I.  Scarlett was excited and ready to get started immediately.  Each workbook includes 80+ colorful stickers and a wipe-clean game board inside that coordinates with the stickers.

What I like about the workbooks is that the illustrations are colorful and really draw a child right in.  What child wouldn't be interested to use their creativity to color a butterfly's wings anyway they want to portray a pattern? The activities are interesting and not your everyday standard ones.  For example, using scissor skills to give a boy a haircut however they'd like.  I know Scarlett would really enjoy that!

Scarlett took to the books right away and was enthusiastic about drawing a line to the matching vehicles on the page, and using deductive reasoning to figure out which item was bigger or smaller.  I had to help her with some pages but she was thrilled when she was able to do some things herself.  She's very independent and loves when she's able to do things without help!

There's really an activity or game for any stage of learning whether you're learning ABC's, or ready to do matching games.  I like that the workbooks grow with your child and they won't tire of them easily.  I can easily see Scarlett having interest in these for some time to come.

If you're doing some summer traveling with your tots, these workbooks easily fit in a carry on or tote bag to be brought to any destination around the world.  An added plus is that these books allow parent and child to spend quality time together.  What could be better than learning while making memories?

*DISCLOSURE* Thank you to Play Smart Work Books for providing product samples in order to facilitate these posts.  All thoughts are strictly my own. 

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