Saturday, March 17, 2018

LilGadgets Headphones Are Perfect For Kids On The Go

Now that Scarlett is three, she really has an interest in certain music and TV shows.  While her and I share some musical favorites, she of course gravitates towards children's tunes.  I know as Scarlett grows, her tastes and interests will change.  Headphones will always be there to keep her tuned into her entertainment needs!

LilGadgets are high-quality high-performance headphones designed just for kids starting at 3 years old.  They are bold, but subtle while still youthful.  They are safe for little ears while out-performing the status quo.  The headphones come in five style and color options giving a choice for every boy or girl.

Parents will enjoy the fact that the headphones are made with kid safe technology offering volume limitations and passive notice reduction.  Due to this, they are perfect to use on a long road trip or flight.  Even on a loud flight, children will be able to hear sound perfectly without maxing the volume.  Some models offer Shareport tech meaning you can connect multiple headphones to a single device, making sharing much easier. 

Spring Break is right around the corner and I'm sure many families have plans to travel. While we're not going away this time around, we will be going to Florida in July.  My parents live in the sunshine state and we usually go for about a month.

Since Scarlett is young and doesn't have an extremely long attention span, we always have to pack items to keep her entertained on the flight.  Snacks, books, crayons, and her tablet are just a few things in her backpack to keep my tiny tot happy.  We recently got her a tablet and we only allow it on plane rides or long car rides.  It's a lifesaver and it keeps her quiet and focused, which makes me one happy mama.

Scarlett was thrilled when a pair of Connect+Style headphones showed up for her in the mail in a beautiful shade of pink.  This pink wasn't just any pink by any means, but it was bold and vibrant.  It certainly reminded me of Scarlett, feminine and fun!

The first thing I noticed about these headphones was that they did not come with the cord attached.  I was very happy about this because most headphone cords always end up knotted and tangled.  Everyone knows how annoying that is.  The cord is separate from the headphones and can be attached to it upon use.  A handy storage bag is also included to keep everything together and reduces the risk of your headphones being misplaced.

Scarlett was instantly interested in trying the headphones on and testing them out.  I gave her my phone to watch some kiddy videos while she used them.  She had no problem understanding what the purpose of the headphones were for, and that she needed to keep them on to hear her video.  What I noticed as soon as I put them on her were that they were extremely padded on the ears for maximum comfort.

The headphones fit her very well, were secure, and did not slip or fall off at all.  We've tried other children's headphones before that did not fit this well.  She said the volume was at a perfect level and was not too loud or too soft.  I put them to my ear to hear how the audio sounded and it came in crystal clear.  I know these headphone will be perfect for bringing on the plane with us to Florida.  

I was happy that Scarlett was so interested in the headphones and really enjoyed using them.  Since her model of headphones has the Shareport feature, her friends will be able to tune into her music and shows at the same time.  

I'm always most interested in Scarlett having items that can be used for years on end, and these headphones certainly fit that bill.  I know she'll be able to enjoy and use the headphones for years to come.  It'll be fun to see what she's watching or listening to in a year from now or even five years!

Keep LilGadgets headphones in mind to put in an Easter basket for your child, or even a birthday gift for a lucky boy or girl.  You know they'll absolutely love them!

*DISCLOSURE* Thank you to LilGadgets for providing a product sample in order to facilitate this post.  All thoughts are strictly my own.  

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