Thursday, March 29, 2018

Funstra Offers a Toy Paradise For Children Of All Ages

Now that Scarlett is 3, her fun personality really shines through.  She enjoys so many things from singing and dancing to drawing and being silly.  Everyday is always an adventure with her! It's exciting to see how she grows and changes all the time and develops new interests.

Funstra is an Australian toy store that offers character toys, games, gifts and collectibles from popular movies, cartoons and TV shows for children and kids at heart.  The online store is truly a toy paradise for children and has a wide variety of products available.  You can choose from Mickey Mouse and Sesame Street to Doc McStuffins and Star Wars and everything in between.  Kids will enjoy stuffed toys, action figures, bedding, stickers, playsets and much more! There's truly something for everyone's interests at Funstra.  Keep the company in mind for birthday presents for a child or even for the child at heart. 

One of Scarlett's big loves since last summer has been The Wiggles.  If you aren't familiar with The Wiggles they are an Australian based children's band that performs around the world singing and dancing.  Their demographic is preschool aged children and I have to say that my tiny tot really enjoys them! We discovered their shows on Hulu last summer and it's been a constant love affair ever since.  Their catchy songs instantly get stuck in your head, and we're lucky enough to see them on tour in June! 

For whatever reason, there's really not any Wiggles merchandise available in the United States.  Funstra sells Wiggles merchandise that is available to be shipped to the US and it surely makes life more exciting for Scarlett.  Plus it's special to not have items that are readily accessible in America!

Scarlett is a big fan of Emma who is the only female member of the group.  She loves her hairbows, dancing, and of course her costumes. I'm happy she's interested in a wholesome figure who is kid-friendly. 

I was shocked how quickly the package arrived! In just 6 days from being sent from the land down under, it arrived at my door.  My tiny tot was sent a large Emma doll, an Emma insulated lunch bag, an Emma ballerina dress up costume, and a Wiggles lunch box.  On my own, I had previously bought a Wigges cutlery set and a mini push Emma doll before asking Funstra if they'd like to work with me.  Scarlett was thrilled with the items she received and I was thankful for the company's generosity.  She knew the package had Wiggles items in it and couldn't open it fast enough!

Immediately, Scarlett wanted to put on the Emma costume.  She's seen Emma in pictures wearing this dress before and knew it was related to her.  Scarlett instantly started taking off her clothes to change into it and I had to laugh! I went to get her a black hair bow to match the outfit, we're still working on getting a black and yellow bow.

The costume was made well and I could tell from quality materials.  Since it's for ages 3-5, it's slightly big on Scarlett but nothing too bad.  She has some room to grow into it which means a lot of time to wear it! The skirt features a lot of tulle making it pouf out and Scarlett enjoyed spinning around the room to see it flow out.  I have to admit that the costume looks just like Emma's and the black and yellow is bright and vivid.  From the detail on the skirt to the Wiggles logo on the arm, no detail is left out.  I could tell Scarlett loved wearing it and has yet to change out of it!

Scarlett really enjoyed the two Emma dolls and hugged the bigger one and told it that she loved it.  Imagine how she'd act if she met Emma in person? She'd probably go nuts! The smaller one is perfect for traveling with and will most likely be coming with us when we fly to see Grandma next week.  The doll truly represents Emma well from her black and yellow bow to her red pigtails and of course her Wiggles costume! Scarlett enjoys touching the doll's hair and talking to it.  It's safe to say that the big Emma doll will find a new home in her bed tonight.  These soft and cuddly dolls are perfect for any Emma fans.

Since Scarlett sometimes stays for extended lunch at preschool once a week, she brings a packed lunch from home.  I know she'd be more than willing to trade her traditional lunchbox for the Emma one along with the Wiggles sandwich container and fork/spoon set!

The lunchbox is insulated and offers a spacious interior for holding a lunch to make any toddler happy.  On the outside, a bright pink background hosts Emma wearing a ballet costume and dancing.  There's nothing Scarlett doesn't love about this, of course.  With a yellow handle to match Emma's signature color, it makes it easy for little hands to hold.  As a parent, the easy to wipe clean material makes for one happy mama.

Will it be peanut butter or turkey and cheese? That's the question Scarlett will be answering when I put her sandwich in the Wiggles sandwich container.  All four members of the group are featured on the outside of the container in the legendary Big Red Car.  The colors are bright, bold, and really pop.  The closures on the outside are easy to open and close and remain securely locked, ensuring the food stays inside.

Lastly, a meal isn't complete without Wiggles cutlery to add extra fun! The fork and spoon set has a small cartoon version of each member's face.  Scarlett enjoyed pointing to each face and saying who it was.  I know we'll be using the fork or the spoon tonight at dinner depending on what I make her.  The set is dishwasher safe and I can guarantee that it will be washed over and over to constantly ensure it's clean for Scarlett!

My Wiggly tot is very happy with all of her new items and it has truly made her day! I love to see her enthusiastic and The Wiggles always bring her joy.  If you're looking to make a child smile in the near future, it's time to visit Funstra to have a package show up at their door soon!

*DISCLOSURE* Thank you to Funstra for providing product samples in order to facilitate this post. All thoughts are strictly my own. 

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