Tuesday, February 20, 2018

What's on My Travel Bucket List

I've been fortunate enough to have done my fair share of traveling in my time.  I've been up and down the east coast and have visited the Bahamas, Mexico, Canada, and plenty of Caribbean islands.

Since Scarlett's been born, we've curtailed the traveling since it's not as feasible anymore.  In her short 3 year old life, she's been to North Carolina, Florida, Cape Cod, NYC, and several other places.  I'd love to travel with her more as she gets older to see and experience what this world has to offer.

In my lifetime these are the top places I'd like to see:


I've wanted to visit London for as long as I can remember.  Who can resist english accents? I know I can't.  The shopping, tourist attractions, scenery, and plenty of fish and chips have always drew me in.  


One word, Italian food.  I'm a huge Italian food lover and would be in pasta heaven if I were to ever visit.  The gorgeous countryside combined with plenty of Prosecco would be a dream.


I know a lot of people who have been to France, but I can't say I have.  The high fashion there ranks high in my book.  I'm all for pain au chocolate any time of day.


The beautiful swiss mountains combined with endless swiss chocolate, what more could you want?

Hopefully I can give my passport a workout in the coming years.  What cities are you on your bucket list? 

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  1. On the top of my bucket list is definitely Prague, it is just the city of my dreams! Then I also want to go to Austria, Hungary, Poland, Iceland and basically all Europe :D I've been also quite obsessed to go to Switzerland also!
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