Saturday, December 9, 2017

Scarlett's First Time At Disney World!

Today is Scarlett's actual 3rd birthday and she's surely had a birthday for the record books.  Between her school birthday, birthday party with friends and family, and now going to Disney for her birthday, it's certainly one to remember.

I went to Disney World a few times as a young child and have a few scattered memories from it.  The memories I have are of rides and events that are no longer featured.  I kept my research and planning to a minimum since I wanted it to be just as much as a surprise for me as it was for Scarlett.  In my opinion, it would be a lot more fun to experience everything together with no pre-planned thoughts or knowledge of what the park had to offer.

We just wrapped up our final day of Disney yesterday at Magic Kingdom.  Our first day was spent at Disney Studios. Disney Studios brought fantastic shows and character appearances.  Scarlett got to meet and hug such favorites as Doc McStuffins and Daisy Duck.  When she saw Doc McStuffins she ran as fast as lightening to the line to meet her. The show is one of her favorites and she was beyond excited to meet the Doc she loves so much.  Since we're visiting Disney at Christmas time, the park is beautifully decorated with tons of wreaths on lamp posts, poinsettias, and ornate Christmas trees.

All of the families were in such Disney spirit and sported either coordinated Disney family shirts or Mickey clothing.  It was really fun to see the magic and joy that Disney brings out in both young and old individuals. 

When we visited the Magic Kingdom, it was truly a wondrous place.  Honestly, you didn't know where to look first because there's so much to see! From the famous Magic Kingdom castle to all of the perfectly crafted store fronts, it's hard to not have a permanent smile throughout your visit.  The Fast Pass is the smartest idea and allows you to sign up for certain times to ride rides or shows and you are able to skip a potentially long line.  There are special Fast Pass machines throughout the park where you are able to use your park card to book the times you want.  I'm sure parents everywhere are so thankful to not have to wait on long lines with impatient children!

Scarlett had so much fun at Magic Kingdom and was able to ride the Dumbo ride, Little Mermaid ride, It's a Small World, and the Teacups.  She loved each one equally and it was fantastic to see how happy she was at Disney.  The joy in her eyes was something I'll always remember! Scarlett also loved meeting Rapunzel and took a picture with her too.

Magic Kingdom was also just as beautifully decorated as Disney Studios.  We spent many hours at each park and I took so many pictures that I'll enjoy looking back on with fond memories.  Disney World is truly a magical place and there's nothing else like it on earth.

Scarlett is so fortunate and lucky that she was able to have one of her best birthdays to date at such an amazing place.  We took a lot of family pictures that will certainly be printed and put in an album as soon as possible.

If you're looking for a family trip that you'll remember forever, it's time to book a Disney vacation. 

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