Monday, December 18, 2017

Gourmet Gift Basket's Holiday Popcorn Will Make You Say Yum #HolidayGiftGuide

Gift baskets make the best presents.  I've given many gift baskets as birthday presents over the years and the recipients absolutely loved them.  What's not to love about a beautiful basket filled to the brim with items that you enjoy? The best part is how they are decorated.  Make sure you select a basket that's big enough to hold everything you want to give.  After that, put clear cellophane paper around the big and tie with a gorgeous bow.  It will be almost too pretty to open, but they won't be able to resist! It would be a smart idea to make some one's day extra special with a gift basket today.

Gourmet Gift Baskets is the mecca of gift baskets for any type of occasion.  A relative or loved one would enjoy a gift basket filled with tasty treats like candy, brownies or even popcorn.  There are so many gift basket choices like coffee, chocolate, tea, meat and cheese, and even sports themed! If gift baskets aren't on your radar, you can choose from dipped berries, popcorn tins, cheesecakes, and other delectable goodies to delight your taste buds with.  

How about care packages for your niece or nephew for Christmas? You can't forget about the gift towers that are filled with items that will make any one's belly smile.  A gift basket would be the perfect corporate gift to thank a client, not to mention they make ideal presents for anyone for Christmas.  Go ahead and order one for a friend or family member today, or maybe even yourself!

In my opinion, food brings people together.  Whether in good times or bad throughout life, food is always a main component.  Food comforts people and makes them happy.  Of course the holiday season wouldn't be complete without fantastic dishes and sweet treats. It's just not Christmas without dessert!

Some of my favorite holiday flavors include nutmeg, gingerbread, eggnog, cinnamon, and of course peppermint. With Gourmet Gift Basket's Holiday Popcorn Sampler you can have all of your favorite holiday dessert flavors all together in one box! The best part is that all of the popcorn comes in individual bags, which makes it ideal for sharing.

The list of 10 flavors include:

Dark Chocolate Peppermint
Cinnamon Bun
White Chocolate Peppermint
Gingerbread Spice
Candy Corn Kettle Corn
Himalayan Salted Caramel
Milk Chocolate Drizzled Kettle Corn
Dark Chocolate Orange
Holiday Anise Cookie

Since I'm a peppermint and chocolate lover, I was immediately drawn to the Dark Chocolate Peppermint.  The bag of popcorn is a very decent size and there's enough to have over a day or two.  If you have a big sweet tooth, you could potentially finish the bag in one sitting too.  The popcorn pieces are covered in dark chocolate with just a hint of peppermint.  I can guarantee that you won't be able to put the bag down, I know I wasn't able to! The chocolate isn't overly sweet since it's dark, but it's sweet enough to definitely curb your sugar cravings.  I can't say that I've previously had dark chocolate peppermint popcorn before, but I really loved it.

My husband tried the Himalayan Salted Caramel and enjoyed it immensely.  I'm not too much of a salted caramel lover, but he is.  Salted caramel is a very popular holiday flavor and the Himalayan salt really kicks up the popcorn flavor a notch.  The salt flavor was very noticeable and paired nicely with the crunch of the popcorn.  Jay thought the snack was delicious and finished off the bag in no time.

I look forward to trying  the other flavors soon, they all sound so tasty! Surely, they won't last too long in our house.

The holiday popcorn sampler would be an ideal gift to give a a friend, family member, or even a coworker.  You can never go wrong with a food gift.

Kids may even want to leave out a certain flavor for Santa on Christmas Eve instead of milk and cookies.  I wonder what his favorite kind would be?

If you're looking to make your taste buds happy, it's time to try Gourmet Gift Basket's Holiday Popcorn.

*DISCLOSURE* Thank you to Gourmet Gift Baskets for providing a product sample in order to facilitate this post.  All thoughts are strictly my own.

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